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Hey all. We still need folks to run checkpoints for #aprilfoolsfunride2015 Everyone that volunteers will get a patch and koozie. If you are interested. Please hit me up DM or reloadbagseast at reloadbags dot com

Well this isnt a flashbacks or throwback day. But #12monkeysrace happened last year around this date. It was a fundraiser for @thenaccc. That was being held in NYC. Years ago @joshwhitesnake and @crawforddeathsquad with a bunch of friends threw New Jack City race for philly. We were doing the NACCC in 2006. I wanted to helped them out with their effort. We had over 50 racers from Philly, NYC, Boston, D.C., and Richmond. It was a good day. Also this was one of the biggest after party at @lorraine1502brown . Needless to say it was a fun one. Look at all the stuff we ran them out of! Can't wait to do that again. #messlife #phillybma #naccc2016

I won a bunch of swag from @bortspins at @alanrabel benefit on Sunday. I was stoked on all of them. But this pin touched me. I've been going to D.C. for shows and races for over 20 years. I have met a lot of long term friends in that city. I've put out records from bands that lived there. #midvale #delcielo A city that I can probably run into at least one friend in any part of the city I go. Here is to you D.C. I'll see you soon!!!

Just a reminder. I'm doing a limited run of #crucifiedcourier on #baysidetshirt long sleeve. If you want one to insure you get one. Hit up on direct message. $15 in person. $20 ppd in the states. I'm almost half way sold out. All proceeds will go to #naccc2018 #messlife #phillybma I'll have some at #aprilfoolsfunride13

We all know couriers love dice games. So @reloadbags made some custom jawns for you. Please go to their website to pre register. You will get one of these 🎲 plus other rad stuff. #aprilfoolsfunride13 #reloadbags #messlife #phillybma

#fbf to start / hang out until I get to art museum steps for #rocky11race See everyone July 8th for #rocky15race #messlife #oldheads #phillybma

@drinkerspub is open. Come thru! #irishblackflag

#Repost @reloadbags with @repostapp
Have you preregistered for the April Fool's Fun Ride yet? If not, you really should... Because aside from the awesomeness of the ride itself, if you register now you'll also get a sweet swag package. Prereg is only $10, and you can click on the link in our profile to do it. #aprilfoolsfunride13 #aprilfoolsfunride #points

Going to have a limited run of #crucifiedcourier long sleeve at #aprilfoolsfunride13 #aprilfoolsfunride2015 If you are interested DM $15 for local p/u. $20 ppd in the states. All proceeds will go to #naccc2018 #phillybma #messlife See everyone April 1st.

On my way to the el. I saw this man. He has the right idea. Taco Tuesday!!

#tbt a year ago. When @utensilhensel was building my #q373cargo . I believe this is will be the best purchase I make in my lifetime.

Hey all @reloadbags #aprilfoolsfunride13 is coming up. I'm looking for folks to work checkpoints. You will need a charged phone for the duration of time at checkpoint. Phone with access to the internet. You will be at assigned checkpoints for at least 2 hours. If you are interested. Please contact me via direct message. I will get back to you asap. Thanks Dailey

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