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Max P Dahl  Not designer. I Loves Pitbull. Gusta. Basically my gas station garbage micro-blog #trashbear


Happy Gosh freakin SYDay birthday πŸŽ‰ 🏴3️⃣0️⃣ 🏁 πŸŽ‰love you the most

Afternoon view in the backyard

You is a cutebutt

Year Two: COTTON. Syd hand-frickin-stitched some handkerchiefs for all my sweaty life.
Insta-mono-gram. #youreadahl

Got a to-do list.

New trix - if I get half as much pleasure out of teaching a child, they might be worth the trouble

I don't know if MY mouth-breathing is more or less disturbing than Geneva's. Let me know what πŸ‘ˆπŸ½YOU πŸ‘‰πŸ½ think in the comments below! πŸ‘‡πŸΏπŸ’‹

She's still awkward when expressing her emotions - But damnit we love her. DON'T EVER DIE

An Obsession:

I tried to sell Syd on the benefits of B&W (as they are known) -Kevlar cone! -Same speakers that they use in Abbey Road....and you know what album was recorded there!? It was Abbey flippin Road! By the BEATLES, greatest rockband on earth, ever heard of em? - Rosewood finish (I would probably buy the shiny black that needs to be dusted all the time, or the douchey white pair)
I couldn't decide if it really MATTERED to have great speakers, what about...just like, pretty nice "affordable" Klipsch towers? It's like the BEST of the worst tier of speakers. Like, they are REALLY good, considering how crappy they are. It's 7th grade logic. Obviously.
Now, Syd doesn't like to SHOP just to SHOP.
Shes a "I've got a list and when it gets long enough I'll go get these things and nothing else" she gets new pants when the old pants just won't do anymore. SENSIBLE WOMAN. Forever West.

So to her, this wasn't a hard decision, simply pick one and live with the consequences. Stop asking questions and execute, soldier.
But after having 3 or more grown, bearded-assed men yell aggressively at you from the stage, it has a certain way of making me less obnoxious tonight.
I laid out my case again, and she realized all of the unspoken words that I was trying to use. I was being vulnerable after she sacrificed a night at a place with angry white dudes taking turns screaming, I wanted to let my guard down and didn't know how.

Syd helped me figure out what I was really looking for. I wanted validation and reasoning through the pros, the cons, trying to flush out the missing exponent, consider every permutation. I wanted to show I was being responsible and deferential and considering our future. None of this was said, Mind you. I was hoping she would read my mind.
And it's not fair because I tell Syd that I won't even pretend to read her mind. I have a rule that unless the problem is SPOKEN or written, the problem doesn't exist. USE YOUR WORDS, no miscommunication.
I just didn't know what words I was trying to ask, and Syd knows me so well-she was able to shine the light down on me. And we came to a conclusion together because we agreed to. Well, Not really

A Parable:

This is a tribute to my wife. I got her the best gift for Mother's Day...a gift for me!!! Unfortunately this is how our relationship has been working out. A little lopsided. She does all the work and adapting and once she is settled in, I come tear everything around.

This photo is a representation of how patient Syd has been. The slick '50s tiger is what tests her patience the very most. I find junk like this all the time and bring it home. A worker at the vintage store in Gering Nebraska thought it was SO COOL that me and my wife agree on the theme and decor of our house!
Also, the record collection thing. Syd doesn't subscribe to the love of physical media. I most certainly do. This is the 4th, maybe 5th turntable I bought. There are three stacked in the dining room currently. I try to justify, like a gambler that thinks one of these days my luck is going to change and Syd will turn Zoey DeChanel and start loving the SMITHS or JOY DIVISION records we have.
She has to breathe deeply seeing the packages that mailed in with (up to possibly) 30 records from someone else's collection.
But the slipmat tells you how "some kind of wonderful" Syd is. She knows 3 things 1). I love Rhianna, 2). She loves to give gifts (including previous Rhianna-centered gifts) 3). I would srs/totes/def want the newest anthology with all her releases on vinyl for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! Collectors item, duh

That was the most expensive gift I've ever been given...I'm pretty sure. Adding up the value of all gifts I received as a kid before age 6, it was still more in one fell swoop.

She does things for me, in a way that she knows is important to me...cuz she loves me.
And that's nice.
The speakers represent a moment when we clicked. We started to communicate and hear more than the words we were saying - subtext was discovered.
I have been asking about these dumb speakers for a while. Over and over, same questions. Do I buy new, if yes? Get a deal? Or go all freakin out?

If no, Do I buy from THIS guy, or wait for another deal, some other time?

I forced Syd to come see MASTODON with me, and she didn't even complain really loud or even for a long time.

My first pair of speakers: a saga, a parable, an obsession

By: MaPaDah
A SAGA pt.1 foolish audio
I lied to my dealer - this is a person I didn't know, found on Facebook marketplace - but somehow Ive never felt so intimidated and determined to impress someone (and we had to recite the Gettysburg Address verbatim to Mrs. Wiser in 5th grade)

I was trying to GUESS at what type of music HE would RESPECT... if I said it was my favorite music too!? Nice tastes, kid. "What I listen to" if I could summon a list that matched his. He caught me staring at his tidy vinyl collection and far superior turn-table.

I talked too much. I tried to throw out stats about gigawatt hours and ohms/hour RMS cycling.

These were his first "real" pair of ~introductory~ audiophile speakers. I wanted to break into those ranks like HE did. Commenting in online forums about ideal speaker/receiver pairing after A/B testing is my fever dream.

People want you to Give them an experience. This is one I sought out. He was British accented and had a trendy job, supporting his wife as she finishes residency in emergency room surgery.
They were moving from their upstairs-loft apartment to a house on a less busy street, one that has two-way traffic and doesn't have honking cars at all hours of the day. A place they could feel safe if, or more likely "when", they have a little baby that wants to play outside, maybe chase around a family dog.

It was at that point in his life, where he has already upgraded to a sturdier pair of Bowers & Wilkins and is settling deeper into a groove and a little more polished on the abrasive edges.

A place I was just beginning and he was handing me the baton after completing his lap around the course. I got a great deal. He maybe wanted to let them go to someone who knew what they were being offered? They sound incredible, and since I don't know much about bi-amping and what crossovers really do...this is a good place to start.

Our lil swim star ⭐️🏊🏽 you can see how much he loves it

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