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Max P Dahl  Not designer. I Loves Pitbull. Gusta. Basically my gas station garbage micro-blog #trashbear


Frontiersmen. Happy Birthday Hunner

Heavens - the SIR has some strange Wyoming connections #RIPgeorgemichael

This is the best Rihanna birthday gift since the last Rihanna birthday gift. I married Syd cuz she supports me

I lost my wallet before dinner and these guys brought it to me

I was reading, not pretending to be asleep. I tried to filter and adjust settings and it only made the photo worse. #sundaymorning

Favorite dog. Favorite wife. Favorite life.

Syd cried at the last Monster Truck event. you can hear her mature, considered, succinctly articulated opinion near the end #bestvalentinesEVER #socialites #socialTEES #socialism #livewithoutwarning

The house band keeps their instruments just out of reach...of course on a rusty bed frame


Kids, when they tell you "careful what you wish for" this is what they mean. All my childhood dreams are complete in this moment. Including using frozen peaches as ice cubes for my Sprite Remix. Aspire for more

Hey, did you know we have dogs? #snugglerscove

Not warm

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