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Dahlinar Jamil  Mrs bake alot. @dbakealot

So here's the end of #zamirturns36 staycation. Thanks hubs for the treat. Super love soaking in the bathtub and filling it with essential oils. 😬😬 #mynurayra

A simple vanilla cake for a birthday girl! #dbakealot

So of course I baked Z his birthday cake. He better like it. #nastarcake #zamirturns36 #dbakealot

#nasiambeng cooked with love by mama #zamirturns36

You said I'm stubborn and I never give in
I think you're stubborn 'cept you're always softening
You say I'm selfish, I agree with you on that
I think you're giving out way too much in fact
I say we've only known each other a year
You say I've known you longer my dear
You like to be so close, I like to be alone
I like to sit on chairs and you prefer the floor
Walking with each other, think we'll never match at all, but we do. - Adele, My Same.
We do @simplyzamir !! Happy birthday my love! 😍😘❀️️

#nailaadila has e-learning today so no school for her! She was so happy to fetch #naureennadra from school today.

#ondehondehsquares drizzled in authentic #gulamelaka from my papa's hometown in Melaka. 😬
In case you don't know, you can opt for the Gula Melaka drizzle or without. The choice is yours! 😍 #dbakealot

Z got the girls helmets for their scooters / bikes yesterday so today I bought them stickers because their helmets are exactly the same and I cannot tell them apart. So today I bought them stickers so I could paste their names and the girls could have fun jazzing up their helmets. 😬 #nailaadila #naureennadra

Let go. They say let go. Let go when your child takes their first step. Let go when she then goes to school. Let go when she decides to hang out with her friends and not you, let go when she marries. Let go.
I don't know how I will ever ever let go. I don't think I will. Perhaps maybe never. I will let go of your hand. But this heart can never let go of you (my children). #naureennadra

Saturday eats at Sunday Market. It's Muslim owned you guys so if you're wondering which cafe to go to, do try them 😍. Love their fusion of food. #loveytheirtrufflefries

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