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Dahlia Arissa Aaron  Daddy's little girl and Mummy pong pong

Don’t forget to watch later guys #ohmyfamily at 9pm Astro Ceria n Ria @my.ebu #dahliaarissaaaron

Did u all watch #OhMyFamily? This week 18 April everyone of you have to watch cause it is daddy’s and my turn. @aarondwiaziz 😍 im very excited! #OhMyFamily setiap Rabu 9malam hanya di Astro Ria, Ria HD & Astro Ceria. @my.ebu

Today at school I made a volcano 🌋 out of clay and made it erupt with my friend Dhia @dhiadalilah09 Don’t forget to watch #ohmyfamily tomorrow at 9PM on Astro Ceria and Ria HD and every Wednesday! @my.ebu

Good Morning everyone. I woke up with a nightmare and quickly prayed Subuh. I watched Insidious yester night. I read Bismillahiladzi yadurru many many times now... anyway guys pls don’t watch Insidious The Last Key ok. Just watch #OhMyFamily on the 11th of April on Astro, 9pm @my.ebu You won’t hv nightmares I promise u. #dahliaarissaaaron #aaronazizfamily

Guys are u ready? Coming soon ok! Pls Pls watch my first show with the rest of the beautiful kids ok?

#OhMyFamily? RABU 9 MALAM bermula 11 APRIL 2018, dah tak lame dah 7 hari je lagi.

#OhMyFamily #eBu

Happy Birthday my God father. I love u . @aide05

Maybe maybe if acting or singing doesn’t turn out well for me, I will be like this kakak and abangs. All they did was asked many many questions and write what Daddy said. I always have a lot of questions to ask also literally, EVERYTIME. It is a good future plan. Bye guys I am going to school. #dahliaarissaaaron

Aunty New York (Aunty Yasmin) and me. Aunty Yasmin is really very nice. Guess why she is called Aunty New York? Because we went shopping and walked around New York together maybe 5 years ago! At #ohmyfamily PC (PC is a short form ok, don’t ask me to spell pls thank u) @my.ebu #dahliaarissaaaron

So I did the #piefacechallenge and it was truly fun..... I got to know a cute girl named Amara and she is uncle Azad’s daughter. That’s all for today guys #ohmyfamily #dahliaarissaaaron #aaronazizfamily @azadsyazirarose

Not feeling well because I have flu. But spending the night with my daddy @aarondwiaziz cause we have work you know. Now I understand what daddy means no one can really replace him when he is sick. That is why when he is sick he still has to go to work guys. #aaronazizfamily #dahliaarissaaaron #ohmyfamily

Went to look for LOL but why can’t I find them near my house! Why can’t there be Toys R Us near where I stay? It’s ok maybe I should do something good later at home so Mummy can go online..... It’s always good to do good... 😜

Just got back from shoot guys! So so tiring from all the standing. Maybe being an actress is not a good idea after all you know?! 😂 #dahliaarissaaaron

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