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Dahlak  Writer, performer, musician. Known for features on HBO's Def Poetry Jam. Writer and performer of “Spiritrials”. New Poem on Mass Shootings:

I wrote this piece after the shooting in Pittsburgh but I figured it would be relevant again: “SHOOTING FOR THE RECORD”
(Full poem on my blog. Link in bio)

It seems that every time I watch a game these days
Someone is breaking a record
We like to feel like we are part of history
They make up stats we never considered

It use to be most points in a game
Now it’s most points by a father son duo
Use to be most yards
Now it’s most yards thrown by a left handed quarterback

It just keeps getting more specific
And it makes us feel like we’re part of something
We keep watching
So we can say we were at the game when Curry shot the most distant three pointer of any player in history of the game when the clock was exactly at 3:47
Remember that game?
I was there
I saw it
I lived through history

Somewhere along the lines
They realized that makes people keep watching
When all the shots have been taken
When the shooting is no longer exciting
When it’s just another season
Let’s make sure to mark some moments
Moments that might not mean anything had we not defined them

Were you alive the day
You know when those kids shot up Columbine?
There were other schools after but I don’t remember the rest
How bout Sandy hooks?
That had to be the youngest school
How bout when the man shot up the night club?
I forgot the name.
Of the man
And the club
But it was the largest mass shooting in US History
At the time
I remember that one
How bout the time the man shot all those people in Vegas?
Wasn’t that some new record
Maybe this year we’ll have the most mass shootings ever
That will be something to remember
That would keep me watching
If we were going for the record
If it might be something spectacular

Otherwise it’s just another shot
Another run
Another day
Nothing breaks
Nothing changes
No one cares
They’re just shooting

Maybe we can learn something from Sportscenter
Sometimes you gotta make up events
To excite the spectators...
(Continued on my blog. Link in bio)

@calmatters was a great resource for helping me to determine where I stand on the issues. It’s a resource I’ve been looking for for awhile. Check them out. But most importantly, VOTE!

Thanks for celebrating with me my guys.

And another one.

On the last day of my trip, three eagles landed on me. And then I took flight.

“My memory of Dubai is/ Hazy/ I landed in a sandstorm half-dayzed/ As though I’d been flying east/ for 24 hours trying to race the sun” (link in bio for more thoughts and pics)

“Take these pictures as promises of words not yet written, stories not yet told, connections not yet made, sense not yet understood” (link in bio for more pics and thoughts)

I miss Uzbekistan. I miss the people I met there. I miss my students and all the love they showed me. We did some wonderful work with hip-hop and I know it’s bigger than me. Just glad to be a part of it. Updates from India coming soon. For now, more pics and some thoughts in my new blog post (link in the bio!) ✌🏽

Me and my team rocked over two thousand people here in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on Thursday night. Wow. More pictures and thoughts on my blog soon. For now, just so grateful.

Hip-hop has taken me all over the world 🙏🏽

I’ve been honored with a fellowship from the U.S. State Department and @next_level_usa to be an ambassador of hip-hop culture in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. My squad includes an inspiring DJ from the ATL @djprincesscut, a gifted producer/emcee from Brooklyn @adum7x, and a legendary dancer from Boston/Hawaii @leanskee, led by a very impactful emcee @mahoganyjonz. More updates coming soon!

Ended week 1 of my travels hosting #bnv2018 - the annual competition that kicked my artistic journey off 14 years ago. This year it was in Houston, the city I was born in and haven’t been back to in 30 years, and on the final stage were the team from Trinidad (where my dad grew up) and the team from Sacramento (where I grew up). Oh, and the stage was a rotating circle. You see the poetry, right? Love these people, this community, and most of all, our culture! An honor as always! Much love ✌🏽🙏🏽❤️

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