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The glorious return of steak on toast in my life with some of the very best people @migold01 @morriganm @nickwouldgo

Let's say you wanted to try a cool way of reaching readers where they are ... @nconfessore @hailey_pants @wilsonandrews @giratikanon @steveduenes @pvolpe @migold01 and lots of other wonderful folks #latergram

When you make a special one-night appearance at the Washington bureau to help out with live coverage and you get to work with @arappep again 😊 #latergram (@maghabebk we didn't see you for the photo!)

Back home after a great trip to Morocco with @moniquesalas_ (pictured with here at Jardín Majorelle), @bobiesantos and @albinarachkovskaya 😊😊😊 #latergram

Started the day with a camel ride outside Marrakesh before a walk through Jardín Majorelle (watch this space 😂) and getting hysterically lost in the souks with @bobiesantos #latergram

On the way to the snowy High Atlas mountains (after an 8-hour train ride but before the hike to above the tree line (!)) #latergram

Sightseeing in the rain: at the blue gate in Fes looking into the medina of the old city. Before fried sardines, beef/cinnamon sugar couscous and finding blue painted walls with Dad 😊 #latergram

Made it to Morocco with @moniquesalas_ On a rooftop in Fes, where our great great grandparents were from #latergram

Geeking out during a snowy walk around Boston with some of the loveliest people = a pretty delightful Sunday #latergram

Snow atrium is my favorite @nytimes atrium #latergram

The best page in the bulldog calendar I got @moniquesalas_ for her birthday (that's us in the photo, basically) #originalsquad

Look who came to visit for @moniquesalas_'s birthday weekend ☺️☺️☺️ Thanks @bobiesantos @albinarachkovskaya

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