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Dael Kingsmill  I make videos for the internet a bit.


I done did lecture a room full of lovely, intelligent teen punks on Greek mythology and misconceptions surrounding authenticity, so of COURSE I had to wear this shirt. (Forgot to take a selfie in a more studious and esteemed location at the picturesque uni, so y'all are just stuck with Sporty's insides. Soz.)

The (somehow) now traditional new year wine glass photo with a stormy twist and a somewhat relevant T-shirt. #LetSliptheWerewolvesof2018

Berry Fairgrounds Festival. I am model.

It was a very hot day for a jumper and my gesture really doesn't look like antlers the way I'd hoped but happy December.

Tryna look wartorn in my 70's space warrior getup for a friend's ABC party. (Turns out last minute costumes are a million times harder when you can't use clothes. I made do with a brightly coloured bowl and ribbon curtain from the dollar store and a loooot of sticky tape).

Rawr :3 that means i <3 u in monster
Happy Halloween!!
(I never did the MySpace selfie thing in my youth, I couldn't not take the opportunity now. New video - link in bio.)

Apparently I didn't take a single photo in Melbourne so instead here's a different timezone's #fbf to my aquarium trip with friends that actually happened on Thursday, making things much more complex than they need to be. I include that last photo purely because a few seconds later an alarmed man in overalls rushed over to tell me I was sitting in wet paint because apparently I'm a cartoon character. I think this catches you all up on my major adventures.

Credit: Stole the first shot from @editrixadara once again.

Still Thursday somewhere! #tbt to kidnapping Chiara for her birthday. We went to a 50s themed Drive In Movie and diner, so of COURSE we did a #Riverdale esque photoshoot, what do you take us for?

Credit: Stole the first from @hillsysalright and the third from @editrixadara

Despite my friends' claims that I'm always on my phone, I've not properly taken advantage of any Instagram worthy adventures I've had lately.
In light of that, here's a #tbt to just before my birthday when a couple of buds and I weaseled our way into an old-ish abandoned church and pretended to be in a teen movie.

Photo: @allisonsmylastname

Ya boy's gettin' fluids!

Began a playthrough of Pandemic: Legacy with friends and dressed up as a Hollywood scientist for the occasion, complete with a too-dressy-beneath-the-labcoat-and-glasses look and a bun to be pulled out when things got dire. And become dire things did. #UOWdoomfilter #UOWasteland

Went to #supanovasydney2017 yesterday as part of a girl gang made from punk versions of Star Wars ladies (apparently Jyn and I missed the memo to look badass for the group photo). Thanks very much to @sealion7 for letting me steal these photos to share with y'all (and for coming up with the sick costume concept)!

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