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Ya boy's gettin' fluids!

Began a playthrough of Pandemic: Legacy with friends and dressed up as a Hollywood scientist for the occasion, complete with a too-dressy-beneath-the-labcoat-and-glasses look and a bun to be pulled out when things got dire. And become dire things did. #UOWdoomfilter #UOWasteland

Went to #supanovasydney2017 yesterday as part of a girl gang made from punk versions of Star Wars ladies (apparently Jyn and I missed the memo to look badass for the group photo). Thanks very much to @sealion7 for letting me steal these photos to share with y'all (and for coming up with the sick costume concept)!

It's Sydney annual lights festival, #Vivid! Glow in the dark doughnuts, fairy light flower crowns, brightly lit plant sculptures in the Royal Botanic Gardens, a marine themed art show projected onto the opera house - it's pretty spectacular, humans, not gonna lie.

There was even a festival lit ferris wheel at Darling Harbour! (You may or may not know I've been actively seeking out rides on ephemeral Ferris wheels unsuccessfully all year). Yet again, I never managed to get to that carnival ride I so crave. One day...

Accepted a fancy award for being good at the book learning tonight, so of course I had to be two kinds of geek at once.

I fell in a creek. I have since been kindly provided with hot chocolate and one of my Granddad's shirts to wear by my grandmother.

Weeee graduate!! Five years in the making, and I got to wear the blue robes and a fancy flat hat.

#tbt to probably my favourite blurry photo with some of #TeamCougarpedia.

Reppin' my team colours. Happy #GryffindorPride day!
(Credit to @raewynnie for both taking the photo AND for letting me steal her jacket and a buncha makeup. What are sisters for).

I couldn't find a paintbrush and it's been years since I inked with a nib. Both show.
Originally intended to be a series of inspirational fictional ladies in response to @angryseagullnoises' #InternationalWomensDay week of actual living women, but then I got busy and only wound up finishing one of them and only just now.

Regardless, I present to you the kick ass chicks of #Gryffindor quidditch team from #HarryPotter, as well as some bonus #WIP doodles of the #Brooklyn99 squaddetes and the three chosen ones of the #Buffyverse. (Does this count as a #tbt for #BuffySlays20 as well? That makes a LOT of hashtags...)

Thought I'd get a pic looking cool in front of the bridge. But of course, I am me.

Dear #BuffyTheVampireSlayer,

Happy 20th Anniversary.

Eternal love and gratitude, -A Sunny Dael.


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