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Dael Kingsmill  I make videos for the internet a bit.


I fell in a creek. I have since been kindly provided with hot chocolate and one of my Granddad's shirts to wear by my grandmother.

Weeee graduate!! Five years in the making, and I got to wear the blue robes and a fancy flat hat.

#tbt to probably my favourite blurry photo with some of #TeamCougarpedia.

Reppin' my team colours. Happy #GryffindorPride day!
(Credit to @raewynnie for both taking the photo AND for letting me steal her jacket and a buncha makeup. What are sisters for).

I couldn't find a paintbrush and it's been years since I inked with a nib. Both show.
Originally intended to be a series of inspirational fictional ladies in response to @angryseagullnoises' #InternationalWomensDay week of actual living women, but then I got busy and only wound up finishing one of them and only just now.

Regardless, I present to you the kick ass chicks of #Gryffindor quidditch team from #HarryPotter, as well as some bonus #WIP doodles of the #Brooklyn99 squaddetes and the three chosen ones of the #Buffyverse. (Does this count as a #tbt for #BuffySlays20 as well? That makes a LOT of hashtags...)

Thought I'd get a pic looking cool in front of the bridge. But of course, I am me.

Dear #BuffyTheVampireSlayer,

Happy 20th Anniversary.

Eternal love and gratitude, -A Sunny Dael.


Made a frivolous purchase of yet another adventurous hat.

Hmm... Something sketchy's going on here... #Geddit? #BringingItBack

It's my Nanna's birthday today and this morning I found a stack of photos I've never seen before which might just explain my proclivity for parties and getting dressed up. This one was the most surprising to me since it turns out my entire wardrobe is clearly a mere copy of hers. Pretty freaking cool.

Found some hats at a New Year's Eve party.

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