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Just laid on my @easy_fab_co Spread heavy with a brush and gave it a quick sand. I love this because it allowed me to bring all of the different filler and wood parts together as one and ready for primer. It self leveled the couple spots where two different filler spots met, but was too much for high build primer. Which Spread works great for also at a 4 to 1 mix with @easy_fab_co resin. Spray it, brush it, rub it, slap it, it doesn't matter. #I❤️EASy #easyfabrication #carbidecult #happyfabricating

Has anyone ever seen this on a 40 year old car? This is the original writing and stickers located on the back of the tire that match the build sheet! Typically after a bit of rain or simply washing they come off. These tires or dot date coded & serialized off of the build sheet. They were taken off once the car was dropped off at the executives house and survived flawlessly since they were kept indoors. Again, the most special Bandit in the world that's available for purchase. If I can't find a buyer, then most likely it's going to Barrette Jackson in January.

FOR SALE! 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Bandit with 14.2 miles. A 17 year every nut bolt restoration has just been completed. Original crayon marks are still on the tires which match the build sheet. It is the finest example in the world currently available. 2 owner car with the original owner being the GM of the plant it was built in. Every document with the car. DM if seriously interested or call 330-634-5295. #bandit ##transam #firebird #pontiac

The final LEDs will be diffused white. This is the lower center console sub access. Shod look pretty cool once it's finished up. The upper piece is held on with neo magnets to provide access to the holes which bolt the whole piece onto the center console via threaded inserts. The acrylics face will be painted semi gloss gunmetal to match the dash.

I finally got the @cdt_audio silk dome ES-1200is tweeters molded into where their smaller silk DRT-26 was supposed to go. CDT Audio was the first company that helped in this build and very kind earlier this year to get their best speakers into the build. This was after @eliteautosalon , @elettromedia & @audison_official helped out getting everything in place to sound AMAZING! Full DA from a Denon DCT-100 in optical. It figures, @cdt_audio just came out with their best to date, Beryllium audiophile tweeter a couple days ago. For the record, I wouldn't have a problem redoing this trim again cdt_audio ...........CDT speakers aren't something seen on Instagram much, but, these drivers are magnificent. I'm very happy that the truck is representing their company. Those who are skeptical, take a listen to this! #easyfabrication #happyfabricating #carbidecult #I❤️EASy

First 2 pieces are wrapped and I finally feel like I'm coming down the home stretch. The @morberninc Carrera Tan vinyl is the most enjoyable vinyl I've ever worked with. Not only is it beautiful, it stretches so easily with just a tiny bit of heat applied. If you're not using Morbern, start.

For you DIY builders out there that screw up like me, please invest in some Fumed Silica (cabosil) Polyester Resin (bondo version is fine) and Chop Mat. You'll be able to fix everything you screw up so much faster then rebuilding it. I would have built the whole truck this way if I'd known better. With this piece, I originally ran out of wood and forgot to cut more layers to match the other side. I popped in some nails to help secure the resin to the piece (like rebar with concrete) and laid it in. Little bit of grinding and fixed.

Now that's a "Spread"! Just finished up applying @easy_fab_co Spread to everything that will be painted. I have a little bit more sanding once this dries but after that, I'll be ready to start wrapping everything. #easyfabrication #I❤️EASy

I've never been left speechless, but this did it. This is my favorite spread formula ever and my family at @easy_fab_co has named it after this build & myself. Introducing the greatest mix the mad scientist Micah has ever come up with, KABLE by @easy_fab_co . This mix has 85% of the vertical hold Vert has, while being lighter than any of the other products. I've been asking Micah if he'd make me another batch since I got the first back in March 16'. Here it is and is now available on Thank you so much guys. #easyfabrication #I❤️EASy

I've been working on the insert that I think I'm going to have hydro dipped in brushed charcoal aluminum. I wasn't happy with the lines of it so been sanding the channels to go up a bit more. I think it's finally starting to look symmetrical and flowing. #easyfabrication #carbidecult #happyfabricating

Finally figured out how this will be finished up. This is the decorative sub box/console accent piece. The acrylic will be painted on the face and exposed on the lower edge so led lighting will emit a light glow to the lower trim. I'll be using @easy_fab_co Vert to build an edge with a access point for the LED lighting to mount along the top edge. Acrylic face will be painted gunmetal to match the dash halves. #easyfabrication #carbidecult #I❤️EASy

Couple pics of the door pull. Both pieces will be painted and recess into the carbon fiber door mount wrapped by @carbonfiberelement . The piece that your hand actually pulls on is done in acrylic, so I'm thinking to illuminate it. I'm thinking a little bit of ambient lighting around the interior will look nice. #easyfabrication #I❤️EASy

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