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Thank you @morberninc for making a vinyl that's so easy to work with. This stuff is great! #carreratan #morbern

I just couldn't do it. The gaps on both sides where the dash met the pillars was an 1/8 inch too big. It took a couple hours, but we're right now! @easy_fab_co filler to the rescue. #kable #wewanteasy #easyfab #12vtools #carbidecult

I'm so close to finally wrapping the dash. I'm fine tuning all of the gaps that aren't perfect. When using @easy_fab_co fillers, I've found shape the part while its drying, then let it harden 100% before pulling your tape. Common sense, but man did I forget to do that way too many times. If it's not dry, it will pull the lip your building with your tape. #wewanteasy #easyfab #kable #carbidecult #12vtools #easyfabrication

Still need to scuff and paint the front of the truck with some self etching SEM. It will all be covered with the powder coated trim that arches the @americanforcewheels . This is the awesome @ppgrefinish Hot Rod Black! The headlight surround was but with all @easy_fab_co Vert & Spread and a special glass mix base. #easyfab #easyfabrication #12vtools #carbidecult #ppgrefinish #ppg #hotrodblack

Used a Micah trick and got everything planed out evenly with my pipe cover sanding block. It's loosely gapped for vinyl to vinyl. #wewanteasy #carbidecult #happyfabricating #12vtools #easyfabrication #easyfab

Finally got all of the gaps from the A pillar, to center console tight. #carbidecult #wewanteasy #easyfabrication #easyfab #12vtools

Getting closer. Real leather is something special to work with, man... I'm a bit stumped by the last back piece (in black foam still) and need to consult with a professional before I do anything else. It has a really tough angle on it. . @relicateleather @morberninc #DAP #weldwood #carbonfiber #carbidecult #wewanteasy

Foam is now down on both and the nightmare begins. I have 1 hide from @relicateleather and I've never used real leather before. Fingers crossed for no mistakes, there's only enough to do it once, hopefully. I'll be making templates out of paper first. If anyone has any advice, please chime in, I'm all ears. I do know the leather has a bit of a 2 way stretch, so figure the best way to lay it down prior to cutting off of the hide.

Just got finished sanding the front end. The lower grill shell piece is already at the painters. I really have such a respect for body & paint guys after doing all these pieces. Getting something ready for paint is such an art, and sometimes takes longer than building it. Thank goodness for my @easy_fab_co Spread & Kable fillers to make it as "Easy" as possible. #wewanteasy #happyfabricating #carbidecult #12vtools #kable #easyfabrication #easyfab

This is my (poor) attempt to build something like @tomfromsj . The level of engineering in his parts is amazing! It's all ABS & acrylic and has been tapped & screwed together. The two lower openings will house the temp & oil pressure gauges. They'll mount from the back to .25" acrylic, that will illuminate the faces. There's a polished aluminum & black acrylic drop down edge for both. The face is held on with mags and the same will be for the top radio trim & top. #happyfabricating #carbidecult #wewanteasy

A huge thank you to @ppgrefinish for supplying the paint for the build! We'll also be using some of their Hot Rod Black for the front grill shell and headlight buckets, not pictured. #ppgrefinish

The bed, flares and front end is all still at paint. Here's a couple for now. The paint is BMW Sophito Grey from the i8. The grill surround and headlight buckets will be PPG Hotrod Black. The flares will be body color. Paint by the master: Hunter Specialties of Walnut Cove, NC. Currently he's working on 2 GT500KR's, one is convertible, and a Superbird. He's amazing. The painted pinstripe matches the Wilwood brake calipers.

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