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For all of you DIY's like me, this can be a game changer for you. This is polyester resin, cut pieces of chop mat, mekp & cabosil. Cabosil, aka fumed silica, is a dust like substance that thickens resin so it turns into the consistency of vasoline or heavy grease. This allows you to sculpt and smooth the part, even if in a vertical position. There is a specific order you need to mix the products. DM if interested. #I❤️EASy @easy_fab_co

The first all plastic and glass bucket is almost done. It's so much stronger than the original now. I've fallen in love with @easy_fab_co SPREAD! I can't wait to try and spray it next. This stuff does everything. #I❤️EASy

It's just so easy!!!! I only put 1 coat of @easy_fab_co Matter on and I think with 1 more coat of Spread, we'll be done done & done. Typically you'd be laying on 3-5 coats of filler to get to a poly prime stage, not this way. #I❤️EASy #EAS #easyfabrication #GOATproducts

I love building parts like this! Thank you Micah and @easy_fab_co for teaching me the way. #i❤️easy #EAS

Modifying the headlight trim to integrate with the new grill shell. Using polyester resin, ,25 mat and cabosil. I'll have to toss a layer or 2 of @easy_fab_co Matter on it after it dries to smooth it out. #easyfabrication #EAS #i❤️easy

I have to thank the greatest C10 parts company on the planet, LMC @lmctruck !! I was in need of some crucial new parts and Connie & company were able to work a miracle for me. Again, thank you so much for being able to help in such a big way, getting us one step closer to the biggest show in the world! #TeamLMC #lmctruck #lmcgroup #lmc

The new bull bar bumper stops will have an illuminated LED edge that will run with the @dapperlighting LED halos. There will be a top piece in .25" acrylic painted in textured matte black to resemble the original pieces.

Thick, thicker, thickest. ABS & Foam PVC louvers that will be finished in carbon fiber by the man, Tony @carbonfiberelement

A couple pics from 2 weeks ago preparing for the carbon. The bull bars will be matte black with inserts just like the originals. Here is some of the bumper mods after it had already been sectioned 3.5" additional.

Still have 2-3 more coats of epoxy, but looking good.

Some of the other parts that were done by @carbonfiberelement . Seat shells, center console trim, front bumpers that we modified & boxed, door pulls, lower outer seat bolsters & louvers. Some parts have to be shipped next week.

Driver side front bumper by @carbonfiberelement , amazing work Tony!

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