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Damien  I'm hilarious to myself. Dad to 5 awesome kids. Married my best friend💖@danilind5 Southern Utah Trucker Mormon Friend

This holiday weekend let's remember what we Americans actually celebrate "MEMORIAL DAY" for. Freedom isn't free.

Yeah. It's cone season again. Keep an eye out for construction workers, bicycles and motorcycles. #sr12 #brycecanyon #escalante #boulder #utah

Sr-20 Panguitch southern Utah this morning. Prayers the driver is ok. Only 7% grades right here but it's still plenty to get ya going to fast. I assume he flipped it on the corner because of excessive speed. Let's keep the rubber down and shiny side up drivers. Sorry about the dirty windshield.

1st pic is how my Saturday should look. 2nd pic is how it actually looks. #work #mountain #coremark #weekend #workday #lasvegas #utah #fire #walmart #gottopaybills

THE Wayne Newtons pad. We should do the tour sometime babe! @danilind5

Tim. Here's some enticement. Check out this sweet dolly. No brakes. Solid wheels that fit perfectly in the groove in the middle of the trailer. Plus it's got a sweet duck taped handle that is broken. Just your style!

Well a lonely dinner while I wait in mesquite for @dallinolson to get here. Wish the buffet was open so I could kill an hour and a half easy. Oh well. Salad is a bit healthier for me. He's gonna rut out of hours, and I have the time to help him get home. We may have some issues at work but the bottom line is taking care of each other, getting the job done and getting drivers home to their families. #coremark #family

5 people scanning and checking this delivery in. Took us 2 hours. Have to open every single box and scan an individual piece from every box. Something needs to change. Walmart runs off of Eaches upc and coremark runs off of cases upc. #coremark #walmart

I can hardly contain my excitement for this mid May storm!!! So stoked. Unfortunately I have to go to Vegas tomorrow. Boooo!👎 but hopefully the roads will be snowy and icy on my way to st George. And we have 12" of snow on the lawn in the morning. #snow #utah #may #happybirthdaydad #stoked #excited #happy

Congrat mason! You've worked hard and learned a lot in kindergarten. Now on to 1st grade!!!! Love u buddy!

Happy Mother's Day babe. I love and appreciate all you do for our family! @danilind5

So while I enjoyed my Mayan hammock that @danilind5 got me for Christmas. The kids were throwing hatchets like wild carnivorous beasts. Honing in their mountain man survival skills. They even came up with their own point system. #mountainman #cedarcity #utah #hatchet #family

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