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Homemade food inspiration.  Homemade food with an italian twist, made by my dad. So good, it has to be shared! - a proud daughter (19) | Dutch🌷 ✉

Grilled carrots, easy to make and healthy to eat 👌 What did you eat for dinner today? Have a nice evening you all!

There are no better cookies than homemade cookies. Who agrees? 😊 We call these 'gevulde koeken' in Dutch, which literally means filled cookies because they contain a lot of almond paste! Yums. #daddysfoodblog

How cute is this little quiche? It contains a.o. zucchini, eggplant, and pine nuts. 😊 Recipe from @veldkeuken #daddysfoodblog

Almost pasta! What are your plans for dinner? 😊 #daddysfoodblog

Yesterday evening my friends visited to taste a real @daddysfoodblog dinner! 😊 Homemade tomato soup was the entrée. It contained 2,5kg fresh tomatoes and fresh basil from our kitchengarden👌Tip from my dad: you can make your soup more nutritious with some breadcrums mixed through the soup. #daddysfoodblog

Almost zucchini! This is a picture from our kitchengarden. Did you know that these flowers are also edible? 😊 If you have a kitchengarden: how is it going with your vegetables? #daddysfoodblog

How I love Sunday lunches with my family! 😍 However, it's hard to take good pictures when they are around, as you can see 😄 This was our lunch today. We ate it in our garden because of the good weather☀️ How's your weekend? [On the pictures: homemade broccoli and carrot soup, fresh potatoes from our grandparent's garden, homemade hamburgers and a salad with a.o. tomatoes, cucumber, apples, nectarine, and bellpepper] #homemade#food#foodie#instafood#foodstagram#healthy#healthyfood#soup#potato#potatoes#carrot#broccoli#salad#nectarine#tomatoes#apple#foodblog#foodblogger#foodpic#sharefood#lunch#daddysfoodblog

"Ik kan niet quichen." - Two very delicious homemade quiches my dad made for my sister's birthdaydinner. [The one below contains a.o. zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes and pine nuts. The one above contains a.o. broccoli, tomatoes and goat cheese.] Last week I made the quiche below myself and it tasted so good! 🙌 Recipe from @veldkeuken What are your plans for dinner? #daddysfoodblog

Goodmorning! The end result of the @daddysfoodblog outdoor cooking workshop!👌You can see pictures of the workshop in our previous posts. Vegetables grilled on the fire! #daddysfoodblog

How AWESOME! Charlotte, a student from the HKU (an art school in the Netherlands) has made a drawing of the outdoor cooking workshop by @daddysfoodblog which you could see on our latest picture. On the drawing you can see a.o. the ingredients that have been used during the cooking workshop. She added also some little texts in Dutch. I love it! 😊 What about you?
Thanks to: from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht. #daddysfoodblog

Outdoorcooking workshop with @daddysfoodblog🔥🔥 Zucchini, eggplant and bellpepper have been grilled on the fire. [A participant really wanted his shoe in the picture 😄] #daddysfoodblog

Us when a part of our family say that they will be there in an hour and would like to have lunch with us. We immediately prepared homemade tomato soup and homemade pizza breads! No problem at all 😊 #daddysfoodblog

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