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  Ne me quitte pas

I am actually dying

I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING. I'm dying over here. This dog is cracking up

Gag me with a red scarf, Kellyanne

One of the most beautiful, delicate things I've ever seen xo

It took me a long time to learn that you can be kind and compassionate to people but that doesn't mean allowing others a place in your life. I used to let people walk all over me, making all these sacrifices when I didn't need to solely because "I was strong...I could take it" I saw this from @latinarebels who reposted via @kimbjanes and wanted to share it with you xoxox

How many yolks do you think are in this monster?

My 1/4 inch cable was smashed to bits... so naturally I bought a whole new mic 🤤#fate

One of my co-stars today is a mother fucking @maserati and I don't want us to ever separate #theselightsarehot #workingactor

Shot some cool stuff today for the ever so talented @thisisaddictive 💕#greyeyes

About last night...

Happy international woman's day to all the magical, beautiful women out there. (I.e. All the women) xoxox

BRB currently falling in love with @laurenruthward

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