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Violet Benson  Everyone has an alter ego, this one is mine 💁🏼 Follow my Finsta: @violetbens0n Shop: @shopdaddyissues 💌: My depression ⬇️

When you ate like shit all weekend, all month and all year but you dgaf because ur single as a Pringle and no one's gonna see you naked. 🙃 (@violetbens0n)

All my friends have done so far is constantly eat all my food and give me the worst dating advice to ensure I stay single and miserable just like them so we can continue our weekend bad decisions benders

After 9 vodka sodas, I’ll love anyone at that point... even my dad.

I thought wearing all black was just a rebellious phase that helped me hide my bbq chicken thighs but it’s been 15 years so I guess it’s just who I am now. ITS MY HAPPY COLOUR FORK OFF.

Maybe now my parents will finally stop pressuring me and understand that I’m not getting married rn to help make the world into a better place. I’m a saint really. STAND WITH US! TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD ONE JÄGER BOMB AT A TIME.

Honestly if it doesn’t sound like pasta, I’m not interested. I’m over this yanny slash laurel thing and I rather talk about food. (Tweet by @hart.kevin)

Birthday celebrations are really fun and last anywhere between a month to a year until you turn 25. Then every BD after that is celebrated with tears that you’re one more year closer to dying alone with no clue what the fork ur doing with ur life. No joke I cry every year now LOL!!! AGING... YOU’RE NEXT!!!! 👍🏼

Not to be dramatic but if I don’t get attention I’ll die... I just want someone to hold me and love me during the times it’s convenient for me. READ MY MIND DAMMIT 😭

I’m just a cute little puppy that’s looking for a loving home that includes belly rubs, head scratches, food, treats, someone telling me I’m a good boy and lots of attention. Please let me know if anyone is looking to adopt. I’m available. 🐶 (@sowerbyamy)

How do you take a nude that says, “take me to dinner and don’t try anything funny respect me but also ur hands look like a great accessory around my neck ya feel meeeee” he he. But like do people even send nudes anymore? If someone was like “send nudes”, I’d be like just go on my Instagram silly lol. 💁🏼‍♀️

I wrote a blog about my battle with depression. Link in bio to read ⬆️ hope it can help others who are going thru it in silence. ❤️

I wrote a blog about my battle with depression. Link in bio to read ⬆️

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