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Tomorrow is school sports day and as any non competitive parent will tell their children it's the taking part that counts not the winning.

Unfortunately for Flo whilst I believe the taking part is very important I am also very competitive so this evening we were out doing some practicing. She is as you can tell fully focused and raring to go.

There is also a mummy and daddy race. I was feeling confident. I used to be fairly nippy. However a brief 50 yard dash this evening highlighted that their is more chance of me pulling a muscle or getting a stitch than there is me winning any race.

But it's the taking part that counts and showing the kids it's all fun.

#schoolsportsday #itsthetakingpartthatcounts #itsallaboutgold


The wife and I love a little colour and vibrance and there is no maker of push chairs or babyseats better suited to satisfy our playful side than @cosatto. That is why we have joined forces with the mega colourful @cosatto to give you the chance of winning one for yourself! 🙌

You can chose which limited edition Woosh you would like (swipe to see the other option). All you have to do is:
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You can comment on any of the images on either mine or Sammi-Jo's account, and enter as many times as you want! Each comment counts as 1 entry and I will draw a name at random! Giveaway ends on the 6th July at 9pm! #GoodLuck #giveaway

I remember seeing pictures of my parents in matching clothes and thinking 'What a sad pair of plonkers'. Then I met, married and subsequently had kids with 'a right sort' and we regularly go out in matching clobber.

Need to give the kids something to look back at us and think that we look like a right pair of melons but at this moment in time we a definietly 'on fleek' in our @vans
Although I'm worried my unintentional 90's boy band hair style my hamper the credibility of my argument.

#couplegoals #coupleswhostyletogether #sameshoes

I think I got yesterday's 30th birthday celebrations for @mother_freckle just about right, even if I was going for #30for30 but in the end only delivered #28for30 due to unforeseen circumstances and being crap at counting.

The main thing is she was happy, had a good day and most importantly...... we weren't woke up once and had a lie in.

Maybe me arranging for the kids to stay at the grandparents could be a gift. Therefore I only fell one short.

Happy 30th birthday to my amazing, stunning wife @mother_freckle. She is a warm, strong, passionate, intelligent and ambitious woman who I have had the pleasure of celebrating 10 birthdays with.
Here is to many more birthday celebrations side by side. 😊

#mywife #mybestfriend #myboss

After a magical start to @mother_freckle 30th with all us together, we have now dropped the kids off at the grandparents to move onto the adult portion of the days activities. First up: Manchester.

#happybirthdaytothewife #thebig30

"If you don't get ready for school then there shall be no biscuits when you get home" "You need to lie down and go to sleep otherwise you cannot go to granny and da's for a sleepover" "No more LOL dolls unless you start sleeping all the way through, that's the deal"
Are just some of the threats I've handed out as of late.
Yet the biscuit tin is empty, Flo had a lovely sleepover at her grandparents and I've got a credit card statement which is full of LOL expenditures.

Who else's threat game is weak?

#kingoftheemptythreat #therealityofparenting

In a world of broken sleep, early rises, strawberry stained carpets and washing piles of overwhelming vertical stature, one may lose track of the simpler joys of life.

However one cannot engage in a little bubble play with their kids and be despondent. For as those little air filled balls of beauty dance through the air, the excitement and happiness embraces the youth, which in turn warms the soul of the elders.
#moodbooster #playtime #afterschoolfun

What do you do at home time when everyone has returned from their daily activities and congregates back at the family home?
We always sit on the couch, have a nibble of something whilst watching Cbebbies. The aim is to catch up on what we've all been upto and bring some calm to the household before we begin bedtime.

Not entirely sure jelly was the greatest snack of choice but hey they both fell asleep before those E numbers got them so it was all good.

The definition of disappointment: being promised you can go and see the cows in the cow field after school but after waiting all day and being super excited, you finally get their and non of those gigantic black and white global warming causing hooligans are their.

The definition of distraction to avoid a meltdown: encouraging your kids to pose for a picture and posing in silly ways

#parentingtheshitoutoflife #dadwin

I've been out all day with the kids looking for pressies and inspiration for @mother_freckle 30th which is on Friday. I can safely say I am nakered. Both physically after hours mooching two kids around numerous cities and towns in the North West and gift wise because I've not a clue what to do.

I told the Mrs I was going to ignore the suggestions she gave me and go it alone. I mean she suggested a ring, and I was having non of that. Not made of money. And anyway I have already given her two rings and look where that got me 🙄. So she went on to tell me that on numerous occasions when I've thought for myself like this she has felt let down by my gift giving. I thought she liked hamsters? How was I to know he would keep us up every night for 2 years running in that bloody wheel.

So if anyone fancies giving me some inspiration it would be appreciated. I've got 5 days to get something together. #nopressure

It's Friday. Schools out. Roll on the weekend.

Here is to letting loose, throwing caution to the wind and taking that scooter, that you can't quite bend down to push but is also awkward to carry, to school to let the eldest rip it back home before bailing metres away from the front door and taking a wedge of the skin off their knee.

Here's to getting well over excited because you are now on 2 days of freedom and getting the kids to bed at 17:30 instead of 18:30 because you read the time wrong on your watch. And because you've gone to early they've woke up already because you've essentially gave them the latest danger nap ever. And pretty much guaranteed that tomorrow tour getting up at 5am.

But sod it. It's Friday. Let's party.

By putting the washing away.

#tfif #tgif #itsfridayfridayfriday #happyweekend

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