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Who is your favourite muppet? I am a glory hunter, so the main man kermit has always been mine. Florence on the other hand likes them all, she can't pin down a favourite. When it came to #muppetbabies plush toy handout day the rules of sharing is caring were forfeited. She swiped them all up. Wouldn't let me get a cuddle with my froggie friend.

But at least I can catch him and all his friends in the brand new Muppet Babies, weekdays at 10am only on @disneyjunioruk

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The crash, the bang, the wallop.

One minute your chilling out in a bathrobe, on a large lounger over looking the countryside, the next you are dodging flying potato wedges, fishing poo out the bath and clocking your 10,000 steps by going up and down the stairs to encourage the kids to go to sleep.

Welcome home.

#therealityofparenting #backtoreality #backhome #spabreak

Last night we stayed up late and it wasn't because the kids kept us up it's because we were out out. #outout #mummyanddaddywentout #parentsnightoff

Let's chat period's. That 100% natural occurance that 50% of the population will or have experienced. As it stands in my house 75% of our household will receive a monthly visit at some stage.

We have already started chatting with Florence about periods. Explaining to her what all the period essentials are that she happens upon when rummaging in @mother_freckle draws, what periods are and why they happen. When the time comes for our girls I want them to feel comfortable chatting to us about them, feel no shame and be able to support their friends and help rid the taboos surrounding a periods.

Puberty and adolescence is a challenging time, changing the dialogue around periods will make it that bit easier. Thats what @bettycollective are doing with their #bettybox monthly subscription. Period essentials specifically aimed to make that time of the month more comfortable and less scary for teens.
All these goodies, including a @balancemebeauty face moisturiser, are in this months #bettybox and I've got a code for 20% off. So click the link in my bio, pop in the code MIKE20 and get your period essentials delivered to your door.

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In any marriage one has to make sacrifices for their other half. Parenting is also about sacrifices. Today I took one for the team and went to spend the day with the other team in Manchester the one @mother_freckle supports.

Truth be told I had an amazing day. It was the kids 1st every football match. The good folks @mancity showed us a great day. The kids got to play in the kid zone and then we went to see the players as they entered the stadium. The kids then got to have a picture with the players on the pitch, Edith got to sit on @fernandinho knee because otherwise she would have legged it, then we watched the match.

All in all a pretty amazing day. Well worth the sacrifice.
#football #mcfc #greatday #saturdayfun

Bish bash bosh Vegan Scones.

Who doesn't enjoy the grand old English scone? And I'm not bothered whether you call them a scone or a scone all I'm bothered about is hooking you guys up with the ability to whip them up in your kitchen with the offspring, pop them in the oven, whip them out, stick jam on and have a good old munch.

So how do you do them. Well.... Whack 500g self-raising flour, pinch of salt, 75g sugar, tbsp cinnamon in a bowl. Then gradually rub in 85g vegan butter until crumbly. Now add the moisture. For this we made half a cup of tea combined with milk alternative, we used soya. 250ml total, 50/50 split. Add gradually.

Once the dough is right, flour the table, drop the dough on, stick dried fruit in, we used cherries and raisins, roll it out a bit, until its about 6cm thick, then use a circle shaped apperatus, we used a glass, to cut the dough into circles. Glaze your circles with a little milk alternative, pop in the oven for approx 12 mins at 180c. Then when they look fine, take out.

Stick jam on and if you can be bothered make a vegan clotted cream using 80g icing sugar, 50g vegan butter and 5 table spoons of coconut cream.


#allergyfriendlycooking #allergyfriendlyfood #dairyandeggfree #getinthekitchen #getbaking #allergyawareness

Two kids. Two different breakfasts. One wants cereal the other a ring shaped bread based product with jam.

Happens most mornings and indeed most meals. One loves certain foods the other ain't to keen. One loves individual food items separated on a plate. The other mixes it all right up. They both love olives though. Black or green they ain't to bothered. And mess. They both make a mess. Edith more so. She likes to sprinkle her left overs on the floor.

Meal times can be fun, messy, hectic, stressful. No matter what you try sometimes you won't get it right, they won't like the cuisine you've provided or they may have gone off yesterday's favourite food. But it's all part of the beauty of having kids. They keep you on your toes.

@fearnecotton new book #hungrybabies is a great read for the kids but also a helpful reminder to parents that kids can be messy and fussy and quite random when it comes to food. It's like beautifully written and aesthetically pleasing supportive hand on the back reassuring you meal times are never smooth sailing.

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Porridge for supper. That's what the kids say.

It would seem like a reasonable request and one a parent may well see positives within fulfilling. It's thick and filling. One would envisage that this combination would service the hunger pangs of a small child and keep them fuelled until dawn.

Yet these expectations are so often unmet. Our two rise numerous times throughout the night despite being full of oats. I often wake to find Florence stood by the side of the bed staring at me in a non threatening yet horrifyingly eerie manner.

Cooking wise it can be brought to an edible standard via route of microwave or pan. Microwave produces output quicker but leaves you with a biblically hot bowl. Not great. And anyway I don't own a microwave because the Mrs can't find one she likes. So no burnt hands.

I do own a pan. You can give more love to porridge in a pan; gently rearing it to just the right density and moistness. But forgot to soak that pan immediately and you are left chiselling porridge from its failed non stickable innards for months.
As for consumption. Etiquette dictates that meals should be consumed at a table. But for supper in our house we dine in bed. Barbaric you may feel, and perhaps rightly so. For porridge split on a quilt is a contumacious foe. In other words it fails to to be removed in an ordinarily and reasonable manner.

But who gives a (insert expletive) when it puts a smile on the kids face and makes them happy.

I do. Its a proper pain in the backside. Why can't they choose crumpets? That's a proper supper food right there.

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The morning after the night before.

What started off as a few dad's who met through insta has grown into a proper friendship group. From fellow instadads to guys I now call mates.

Was great to get together have a catch up and a laugh.

#dads #dadsnightin
Robes from @christy_home

When we found out that Flo is dairy and egg anaphylactic we had to come up with new dishes to replace our old staples. At home we've managed to come up with loads of different, exciting and flavoursome meals. However creating fun, finger foods that we can have when we are out and about or for dinners for Flo when she is at school has been more challenging.

As a result we've often just made sandwiches. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a sarnie but they do get boring. So when Asda asked me to get involved in their inclusivity campaign and asked what I cooking advice I needed I knew what to ask. @Asda hooked me up with some great recipes which are available on their guide (link in bio). The guide gives advice and tips on how to include more people with Free From diets, without compromising on taste.

Their advice inspired me to try new things and I constructed these salmon, spinach parcels with dill cream cheese for our trip to the beach. They tasted great and we're completely dairy and egg free.

So for loads of allergy advice and allergy friendly recipes head over to the Asda Good Living website.

#allergyawareness #allergyadvice #allergy #allergies #foodallergies #inclusivity #inclusionnotexclusion #(ad)

(#AD) Flo is now a fully fledged pupil. She has moved from nursery to reception. My little girl all of a sudden seems to have grown up so fast. She told us she was nervous about starting school. So we had a chat about how it's normal to feel nervous about starting school and that once she gets there she will see all her friends and familiar faces, and she will feel ok. And she did and she has loved every minute of it.

We've heard stories of her reconnections with her old chums and the establishment of relationships with new faces. Her chatter in the school yard and at bedtime reassures me that she has settled in well and fully enjoying it. Makes me so proud how confident she is and takes things in her stride. She is also a pretty good leader. I've witnessed it in the playground and first hand when we were playing with her @lego . Told me to open all the bags in numerical order, they are handly labelled, and that we had to make it exactly as instructed. Then when I left she got all creative using other LEGO peices we had bought and made a campsite.

Her showing skills like this makes me know she will be OK at school.
#BacktoSchoolWithLEGOJuniors #LEGOJuniors #FirstDayatSchool #Advertisement

Pizza and Daddy Daycare

My two are under the weather. Flo is much better after her asthma attack but is still on loads of medication and the chest infection hasn't quite gone. When I got Edith out her bed this morning she was as hot as a baked potato straight out the oven. She's not often unwell so when she is you really notice.

Today was therefore about making them feel happy and comfortable. They love my homemade dairy and egg free pizzas. Always makes them better. In our house when we make pizzas, we eat them watching Daddy Daycare. Its cemented in Freckle Family Law now and when @mother_freckle and I are old a grey we will reflect back on these times and forever asscosite these two with each other.

As always the kids loved my homemade pizzas and as I'm going to start sharing some cooking stuff I thought this was a good place to start. Below is the recipe I use. All dairy and egg free.

Pizza Base
375g plain flour
1tsp salt
1tbsp sugar
250ml water
1tbsp baking powder

Just still it all together, knead it, roll it into pizza base shapes. We do ours really thin. No need to leave to rise. I ain't got time for that

1 tin of decent chopped tomatoes
1tsp oregano
1tsp basil

Reduce it down. Then I alsways give it a quick blend as that's how the kids like the sauce.

Toppings wise go wild. We mix it up. But we always use a dairy and egg free cream cheese and/or mozzarella.
Stick in the oven at 180c for about 15 minutes.

Take out. Eat.

#cookingformykids #familycooking #allergyfriendly #allergyadvice #allergyadvice

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