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Daddies Board Shop  Welcome to the Family! We’re here to help since 1995 🔽#MTDHC Weekend of Events - July 27-29 / Dance Freestyle / Downhill Race / Skate Scavenger Hunt 🔽

HappY HumP DaY! Stretch of Fall? We all gotta do both to keep going and get over the hump! @petrozius here from last Saturday’s #DaddiesDanceSession, more photos to be released tomorrow... Just 9 days left to the next session and our first Dance Comp with @loadedboards and @landyachtz. Event info in Bio. #daddiesboardshop #longboarddancing

2nd Place Finisher @mackwacey in the Open Class leading @eastsidelongboards and @troy_yardwaste in a Quarter Final Heat at the last event. #MTDHC #daddiesboardshop #mttabor #portland #oregon 📸 @jonhueyphoto @skate.slate

Our Retail Shop is ever changing and one of the best in the country to see a wide variety of boards and skate gear. Plus everything we have online can be pulled from our adjacent warehouse and immediately brought out to you when you’re here at our store. Big ups to our Retail Manager Ian @thegoatmarendish for his hard work making sure all runs smooth up front! He’s got you covered! UPDATE: We now have Women’s Skate Shoes and Clothing in Retail and much more on the way! #daddiesboardshop #longboardgear #longboards

2 Time Tabor Champ @imchipwood is ready to battle again on Saturday July 28th! Here leading current Champ @patophilous in 2016. Can you name any other past Open Class Champs? 🏆#MTDHC #daddiesboardshop #mttabor #portland #oregon 📸 @jonhueyphoto

All New @prismskateco Completes ready to ride with quality @calibertrucks and Prism Cruiser wheels. Check our Story to see close-up shots of them all! 👀#prismskateco #skateboards #daddiesboardshop #cruisers

Spread the word! 2 weeks from today is the #MTDHC Downhill Race July 28th! Night before Dance Sesh and Comp. Then Sunday Skate Scavenger to wrap it up, get your 4 rider team together with a cool name. Both Friday and Sundays events are Free with Prize Money! Downhill Race Saturday cost $77, includes riding and racing shuttles runs all day on a completely closed course! Go to our Bio Link for all the Info. The whole weekend is sponsored by @landyachtz and @loadedboards who will have reps here skating with us all! It’s gonna be one of the best skate weekends of the year! #daddiesboardshop

We’re hosting another Dancing and Freestyle Session tomorrow Noon-3pm! All are Welcome! Last one before our first Contest July 27th Friday Night 6-9pm at this same location. We’re honored to have @loadedboards and @landyachtz sponsor and come out to help run the Comp with their team riders and judges! We’re hoping local riders like @petrozius here will be throwing down that night! Go to our FB Events Page for more info! #daddiesdancesession #daddiesboardshop #longboarddancing

Smooth pathways can be Longboarding heaven! Watch our Story to see a cool switch pushing technique. #longboarding #pathways #howtovideo #switchpush #daddiesboardshop

Just a few of the many Freeride Wheels available. Hit the product links to compare and contrast. Each have a similar size, shape, and rounded edges, but each have a uniquely branded core and urethane compound. So many solid choices you can’t go wrong! #longboardwheels #freeridewheels #daddiesboardshop

The mysterious @orangatangwheels Caguama, have you experienced their immense roll speed yet? Check the 3D diamond sidewall cut, do you think that has anything to do with it? #orangatangwheels #85mm #caguama 📷 @alexplore23

@beartrucks are a prime choice for your longboard setup with several models to choose from for your needs and budget. The most basic the Bear Grizzly 852s and 845s have an edge over other brands with a flippable hanger to lower the angle for more stability. The next step up are the Kodiak Forged Trucks, super strong and high performance with a 45 degree angle. Bonus is they are easy on the wallet for high end trucks. The top of line Bear truck is the Precision Grizzley CNC. Hit the product links to see them all or search Bear Trucks on our site to see all the color options. #beartrucks #beargrizzlytrucks #bearkodiaks #bearprecision #longboardtrucks #daddiesboardshop

The Official @maryhillratz 2018 Gride and Skillz Camp Photo Album is up! Go to their FB Page to check out 500 plus images like this duo shot of @1last_unicorn and @steviedudemayne! #maryhillratz #maryhillfreeride #maryhill #daddiesboardshop 📷 @nwest_media_skate

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