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「cybertron has fallen」

well this is different, 2 days in a row, I was hit with the inspiration to make this sadness

ac: purry audios
song: buzzcut season - lorde

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「leap of faith」

finally had the inspiration and motivation to complete an edit, even if it's super short

dt/ib: everyone who's edited this scene

ac: me
song: flickers - son lux (zeds dead)

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#intothespiderverse #intothespiderverseedit


Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate, and Happy Holidays to others!!

Felt the need to make this in the wee hours on Christmas day, tried slowing things down, and toyed around with a few other things.

dt: anyone who sees this edit, just want to spread some holiday cheer

ac: me
song: ure mine - kina (ft. shiloh)

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I had planned on adding words and shit to this edit, but it's way to lit for that. Looking slick with that new and improved logo. Please watch all the way through.

dt: what's left of Kingsguard
We're gonna get lit guys

ac: seraph.mp3 / seraphofmyend
highly ib: seraphofmyend
song: best of me - neffex

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