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Facts boogie super different him and the gauchos 5th grade team, newheights 6th grade team and Rens 4th grade team got newyork on they back. Players of the yr I give to Johnuel fland and @jayreid4 for holding New York down. Let not for get @nigel_nj_james and @taj_buckets I wish I had footage of them as well. #dacityofguards_thomasbrothers

I didn't say it dream chaser coach did but when I was saying it they didn't hear me tho smh I know talent. Johnuel Fland one of the top guards in the country @coast2coastpreps #dacityofguards_thomasbrothers @john.f_109 I been told u your son was a monster 2 years ago correct ?

Got a chance to see Mel Mel Bro Chase Timberlake play with out his stack Rens 4th grade team today. He had 23 points 5asst, 5rebs, and 4 steals. A lot of people see Chase on the Rens and over look him because he not flashy but more so he is about winning. To me Chase is the most under rated point guard in the country in the class of 2025. I don't get it how ur team go to the nationals championship 2 years straight and u a starter n people still don't mention🤔🤔🤔any how he took home MVP today without his stack Rens team. #dacityofguards_thomasbrothers #dacityofguards🏀🏀

Big bucket reem he up next believe that #dacityofguards_thomasbrothers

This team tuff they remind me of newheight 6th grade team that won nationals 2 days ago u know why because they well coach and they are very unselfish, they play defense and very discipline. Congrates to 5th grade dream chasers they heading to that big dance. #dacityofguards_thomasbrothers #dacityofguards🏀🏀

Read the name and say it loud 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐 Mr. Wright my nephew ask about him. #dacityofguards_thomasbrothers #dacityofguards🏀🏀

Mel Mel and Cisco against Reem and Nick Mel killed Reem he threw it off Reem face then Reem killed Mel 1 on 1😫😫😫😫 @jellyfam_dimes @milbankflyers_118 @bigal_112 @big_chris_67 @filayyyy @grindforeverusa @westsidewarriorsny 😫😫😫😫😫 @dacityofguards_keysmooth @caveman_l_a #dacityofguards_thomasbrothers

Boogie another basket lol #dacityofguards_thomasbrothers Johnuel fland #dacityofguards_thomasbrothers

Johnuel fland aka boogie again #dacityofguards_thomasbrothers

Jay defense to u know who boogie lol Johnuel fland lol #dacityofguards_thomasbrothers

Nasty naz another bucket to start the 3rd #dacityofguards_thomasbrothers

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