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Ah they're baaaaack! Click the link in our bio 👉 @dachshundsofinstagram 👈 to get these adorable pajamas- anddd they are 45% OFF!! 😎
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"Bet you can't fit that whole ball in your mou-- oh shoot, aight, chill man" 📸:@wienergrams_

"I'm gunna get up early, run, clean the apartment and try to get to work on time" #ohyeaok #behumble #sitdown 📸:@fletcheroo

Wiener is coming (@tank.sinatra) #lolz

"I have too much jewelry" -Said no one ever. Check out this cute necklace from @royal.dachshund! Click on the link in our bio or head on over to Bit.ly/necklacedach to snag your own! The first 15 customers will receive FREE SHIPPING and everyone can get 50% OFF for the next 24 hours. Make sure you check out all the different color options!! 😊

When your best friend buys the shoes you were going to buy aaaand she looks fab in them #youdontmindifidestroythese #doyou? 📸:@jamo_thedachshund

Hey guys! I'm sure most of you have heard of Wag! but in case you haven't- click the link in our bio and download this app! Clicking the link the our bio will get you a FREE walk and a FREE lock box! #awesome
Wag! Is a sweet dog walking app that allows you to book a dog walker on demand or at your convenience. You can actually view your dogs walk through live GPS tracking and text updates. You can even receive potty break notifications as well as a "photo report card". So stinking adorable!

Me and my clique 📸:@jacknjill.dachshunds

Big truck. Little ween. 💞 📸:@twofacesofkai

Oh baby! Check these adorable iPhone cases out!!! Click the link in my bio @dachshundsofinstagram to be directed straight to the site aaaand right now they're 45% off! @iloveurpet- you guys have the best stuff!

Strawberry=Friday #wedidit 📸:@willow_minidachshund

You know those guys who wear beanies in the middle of summer but pull it off because they're total babes? This is their leader 💞 #swoon #isitgettinghotinhere📸:@choc.cream_dachshunds

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