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D O U G L A S  I guess I made an impression on somebody North of Hester and South of Grand...




Link in bio, now up on @adweek. #absoluttruth

#AbsolutTruth. It's a 360 campaign that I've had the honor of working on for almost a year. It's this simple - a call to action to talk about your New York. It expresses itself at every point of contact - from on-premise to the liquor store, from OOH to sponsorships and from a very special content series that you're about to see soon to one of the strongest pieces of branded glassware collateral you'll ever encounter.
No one's from here anymore. But then again, no one ever really was. Maybe that's what makes New York City equal parts temptress and tempest. Maybe that's the root of the nostalgia I've been pulling at for years to no avail. Maybe New York never existed in the first place. Maybe it's a blank slate. Maybe it's still a refuge for huddled masses, for the misunderstood, for drag-queens and art fiends, gangsters and construction workers, dice-throwers and garment sewers, sous chefs and skate decks, hustlers and bustlers and everyone in between. Maybe it's a place you can make it in.
Maybe that's my #AbsolutTruth. What's yours?

New York, New York is a sad song. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. But it's not so easy. It never has been. There used to be danger here. Now hardship has morphed into an oppressing blandness. And people don't know how to ride the subway anymore.
Tompkins Square Park : from Riots to Rentals.
Rivington Street : From Jewish enclave to endives and raves.
Union Square : from Street Fairs to Streetwear.
And SoHa? Nah Fam.
No one's from here anymore. The hordes come from all over the country, and they want their 7/11s, and our mayor will give it to them. Investment properties shield incomes while we do little to shield the homeless from the rain and cold. Real estate develops before neighborhood artists' careers can. Buildings rise while incomes plummet. No one seems to remember what I do, anymore.
French Roast.
Jefferson Market.
Joe Jrs.
Da Silvano.
69 Bayard.
Trash Bar.
Carnegie Deli.
City Hall.
8 Mile Creek (remember that @mavyentco?) The Real H&H Bagels. The Real 2nd Avenue Deli.
And the brands. Oh, the brands. They think that referencing a borough is enough. That sponsoring a sports team will ingratiate us to them. "The Subway, Am I Right?!" Even the city itself does it. Those pandering ads about manspreading. That time Taylor Swift was somehow an ambassador for all of us. Yet 9/11's still a schoolday.
I was born here. But can I make it here? What am I waiting for? Maybe, I think, an opportunity like this. For Absolut Vodka, the most iconic advertising brand of my lifetime, no doubt - to give @TeamEpiphany the chance to talk about New York City. The New York City of 1979 when Absolut first launched in the US - in New York City - when Andy Warhol was co-branding, painting the BMW M1 art car. In 1986, Warhol saw the Absolut bottle from across the room and declared it "perfect." "I love the bottle," he said, "I want to do something with it." And he did. And then Keith Haring, Ed Ruscha, Damien Hirst, Spike Lee and Annie Leibovitz did. Absolut was invested in art and nightlife then, and it still is now. (Continued).


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CHUCK BASS OWNED THE PALACE HOTEL BEFORE HE SOLD IT TO THE KOREANS. #themoreyouknow #UNGA #placesishouldntbe ya tu sabe πŸ“Έ by @turntvonnelit

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