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Daniel Ademinokan  Producer | Director | Cinematographer | God Lover

My rock, my support, my boo, my best-friend, my heartbeat, my nanny, leader of my cheerleading squad, my muse, my prayer partner, my study partner, my business partner, my inspiration, my alarm clock, my ever reliable truth-meter, the bearer of my mumu-button, my personal egbe-wedger, my fellow dodo-gang member, my constant reminder that God always has a plan, my personal Obiageli, my Love.
I just wanna remind you @stelladamasus that I appreciate you and that you're loved on every level.
Ok, I'm done with the public writing now, it's time to "PRAY". Hey where are you? Let's go and pray!!!!!! Stella!! Stellaaaaa!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 #StellaDamasus #DanielAdeminokan #DaBishopChronicles #Producer #Director #NewYork #Atlanta #London #Lagos #LifeOfAFilmmaker #REDuser #PositivelyNigerian #NewYorker #AfricaToTheWorld #Music #Cinematographer

It's official. I can boldly say I'm proud to be a part of @kingofboysmovie with my homegirl @kemiadetiba. If you haven't heard, it's the movie everyone is trying to get their name on. It's a game changer. Yeah!! True story, early 2017, @kemiadetiba and I were on the phone and she was telling me the story of @kingofboysmovie. I was intrigued and said, if I were the one writing, this is how I'd start the film - and I described some crazy sequence. She exclaimed and immediately emailed me the first 17 pages she had written. It was pretty much the exact same thing I described. At that point I knew we were all in for a shocker & i became emotionally vested in KOB. JESUS!!!! Kemi's mind is deep, crazy, ambitious and daring!! When I read the complete screenplay, first thought was, KEMI is CRAZY OOOOO! But only a Kemi Adetiba could have written, produced and directed a masterpiece like this. The world has no idea what is about to Hit them. Nope!! Kem-Kem, you know I've always been a fan from Day 1. Thanks for trusting my @indextwostudios team & I with this and we can't wait to take @kingofboysmovie to another level.

We are already ordering Aso Ebi for all the global recognition ceremonies. LOL. #TheKingIsComing #KingOfBoys #KingOfBoysTheMovie #DanielAdeminokan #DaBishopChronicles #Producer #Director #NewYork #Atlanta #London

Big Lesson I've learnt - Don't overlook the people who shaped your character when you thank those who've helped you become successful. Why? Because those who shaped your character prepared you for the sustenance of the success achieved. #RealTalk #DanielAdeminokan #DaBishopChronicles #Producer #Director #NewYork #Atlanta #London #Lagos #LifeOfAFilmmaker #REDuser #PositivelyNigerian #NewYorker #AfricaToTheWorld

When was the last time you clapped & cheered at someone else's success? When was the last time you championed someone else's success without expecting something in return? #DanielAdeminokan #DaBishopChronicles #Producer #Director #NewYork #Atlanta #London #Lagos #LifeOfAFilmmaker #REDuser #PositivelyNigerian #NewYorker #AfricaToTheWorld

Change is coming. Proud to be a part of this and a member of the advisory board. A wise man once told me, Better to own 1% of SOMETHING than own 100% of NOTHING. #Repost @nollycoin
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Gosh! It's so hard to believe that in less than a month this dude here is gonna be 10 years old. Wow! How time flies. I remember when he was just knee-high, and soon he'll be asking for keys to the Rover. "Damn it!! Wait till you can work to afford one!!!" That'll be my response. 😂😂😂 I'm grateful to have raised a gentle (over gentle sef), God fearing, respectful and super intelligent young man; who I believe will change the world for good and shine light in places where darkness has long prevailed. David, we will finally eat Amala on your birthday. And I'll support with some goat meat and "kpomo". Hmmmm!!! Sweet Lord Jesus!!!!!! Have a great weekend everybody. #DanielAdeminokan #DaBishopChronicles #Producer #Director #NewYork #Atlanta #London #DavidAdeminokan


When you spend a little time in the sun, it feels wonderful, warms your skin, and even improves your health. Basking in the sun for half an hour on a beautiful spring day is a pure pleasure. So, let's acknowledge the good feeling that comes from fame. It feels good to be known and for people to know and like what you do.

But what happens when you spend hours out baking in the sun? Pleasure turns to agony. Too much exposure can cause the UV light to damage skin cells and even lead to skin cancer.

That's what happens when you soak up too much praise. Too much praise gets into your bones, cells, entire body - becomes the reason why you do what you do. When that happens, you can get utterly lost. - Devon Franklin

#DanielAdeminokan #DaBishopChronicles #Producer #Director #NewYork #Atlanta #London #Lagos #LifeOfAFilmmaker #REDuser #PositivelyNigerian #NewYorker #AfricaToTheWorld #Music

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