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D.  Moon Revenge. 🌙

Si este caracol pudo cruzar el camino, tú podrás encontrar el amor de tu vida. ♥️🐌😂

A decir verdad, yo no soy una persona entusiasta como todos ¿No crees? Bueno aunque me proponga el día de hoy hacer la tarea llegando a casa siempre como dulces, me da un poco de sueño y a fin de cuentas me quedo dormida sin importarme lo demás.

That moment when I met you, I feel something shines in my heart such an innocent feeling, my thoughts are losing control. I fell in love with that simplicity, with the most normal phrases, every time I think about you I feel like I'm about to cry. Love brought loneliness without your presence now I feel loneliness, every sadness and joy that inside I feel leaves a hole in a dream without end. Love brought loneliness, but I know that one day you will be with me and that you can hug me so strongly, so strongly I want you to be with me. Right next to you I am today, and it's already my custom to wait. You do not realize how I feel, my thoughts are losing control. In love I do not know what to do, I know that love is for real. Every time I think of you, I feel something hurts inside me. Now baby, baby love, I ask you come back baby, baby love. When I want to escape from this darkness, I look for you deep inside my heart. Now baby, baby love, the crying catches me and I want to hug you but I try to be stronger always smiling, I want you to always be with me. I have hidden these tears, only you make me smile again when I am here, to always be like this I will always want it.

Forgive me if I can't be honest only in my dreams I confess it, a thousand thoughts revolve in my mind, short circuit will cause me. Right now I'd like to see you, make me cry this moonlight, the moonlight will not let me talk to you. I want to know what I can do? A kaleidoscope is my heart, moonlight guide my love. In my constellation garden around one and asked me about the fate of my love, beautiful romance I believe in you. I would give everything to see you again, in my dreams if I have poor you. In the past, present and future only I will dedicate myself to you. I blew up the volcano inside me the same day I met you. I usually look for you in a million stars and immediately I always find you, in love I still believe, it's the power that gives love. In my constellation garden around me and asked me about the fate of my love, beautiful romance I believe in you, I know that the miracle will be done, it's the miracle of love. 🌙💕

Por qué mi corazón no no no se equivoca no, y el me dice que eres para mí. 🎶😂

Sure the night was over, I said it's forever. Twenty minutes later, wound up in the hospital. The priest thinks it's the devil, my mum thinks it's the flu, but girl it's only you.


La vita è bella. 🍷✨

How can I go on from day to day? Who can make me strong in every way? Where can I be safe? Where can I belong in this big world of sadness? How can I forget those beautiful dreams that we shared? They're lost and they're nowhere to be found. How can I go on? 🍃

Not trying to be indie, not trying to be cool just trying to be in this, tell me, are you too? Can you feel where the wind is? Can you feel it through all of the windows inside this room? 'Cause I want to touch you baby and I want to feel you too. I want to see the sun rise, on your sins just me and you. Light it up, on the run, let's make love tonight. Make it up, fall in love, try.
But you'll never be alone, I'll be with you from dusk till down. Baby, I am right here. I'll hold you when things go wrong. ✨💕

I know my friends they give me bad advice. Like move on, get you out my mind. But don't you think I haven't even tried. You got me cornered and my hands are tied.
You got me so addicted to the drama, I tell myself I'm done with wicked games but then I get so numb with all the laughter, that I forget about the pain.
You stress me out, you kill me, you drag me down, you fuck me up. We're on the ground, we're screaming, I don't know how to make it stop. I love it, I hate it, and I can't take it. But I keep on coming back to you.
I just keep coming back to you.
And I guess you'll never know all the bullshit that you put me through and I guess you'll never know.
So you can cut me up and kiss me harder you can be the pill to ease the pain 'cause I know I'm addicted to your drama. Baby, here we go again.

Grat day. 😎🙌🏼💕

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