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When I started my career, I never thought I would spend so much time talking about corporate bathrooms. But the truth is people feel passionately about them. They might be the most underappreciated and most necessary spaces in the workplace. Everyone must go there. and the experience usually falls somewhere between bland and horrifying. It’s no wonder that so many people I talk to on projects—from executive leaders to employees—bring up bathrooms as one of their top complaints.

What do people dislike about bathrooms the most? Lack of privacy, poor ventilation, bad acoustics, lack of convenient features (hooks, shelves, full length mirrors), and myriad inconveniences, like the need to protect your newly cleansed hands from the germ-infested door handle. Part of the reason companies don’t have better bathrooms is that they usually must pay to upgrade them and may not have the authority to do so. Bathroom design and budgets typically fall under the purviews of landlords and developers, and these parties don’t always view upgraded bathrooms as a worthwhile investment. They are Whether the responsibility lands on the landlord or tenant, good bathrooms are worth the investment. There is no question they are critical to enhancing each employee’s overall experience of the workplace.

I recently interviewed a very senior executive about his company’s headquarters project, and I asked him what, in his opinion, was the number one thing to get right in the new space. I expected him to respond with a big statement about how the overall form and function should support the company’s business strategy. Instead, he looked at me with conviction and said, “Better bathrooms. They are appalling today, and they are extremely important, as important as having great amenities like a gym.” This took me by surprise, but since then I’ve heard similar comments from numerous other people across an entire range of companies and industries. Many of our current clients have taken note and are now working with us on beautiful and functional bathrooms in their newest projects.

When it comes to corporate design, the CEO’s office is something that requires careful planning and attention. Executives need a space that’s comfortable, one that can support their specific working style and business needs while still leaving a good impression on potential business partners and clients. Given these requirements, what things should you keep in mind as you proceed with the design planning? I’ve listed four of the main point.

1. The Office Space;

It’s rare that an executive’s office is just an office in most cases, it’s many different things all in one. It’s a place for working individually It’s a place to hold small business meetings, It’s certainly a place where they’ll hold private calls, The space should reflect these different uses accordingly. Create different “zones” for each purpose One zone can be for the CEO’s desk. Another can be for meetings, with a sofa or a small table and chairs for sitting and chat with others, either one-on-one or in a small group. (Provide a few guest chairs for visitors in front of their desk, too.) Depending on the areas surrounding the office, you may also want to incorporate sound masking material to cut down on exterior noise.

2. Branding;

The office should also be branded to reflect the company’s values and serve as an external expression of what drives the business. There are a few ways you can do this, one is to decorate the office using the company color scheme or logo. Perhaps the furniture you choose could match the company’s colors, or you decorate with wall art that reflects the company culture You could also think about the company’s values and mission, and use those to drive your design choices.  If the company values simplicity, for example, you may want to decorate with a minimalist style and monochromatic color scheme. If it values fun and vibrancy, you may want to decorate with colorful, playful furniture.

When it comes to truly innovative interior design, co-working spaces must appeal to several delicate balancing acts. Office environments should foster productivity but also collaboration, appealing to both introverts and extroverts. Some of the most inspiring co-working spaces turn the idea of a ‘traditional office’ on its head entirely by designing spaces which feel more like coffee shops or loft parties and less like the cubicle offices of decades’ past.

no employee should be stuck working at a desk. The solution should include lots of nooks which allows for productivity for everyone regardless and preferred work environment. Between color scheme, foosball table, and ceiling hammocks as an example, the place of an office should be no longer short of a fun and playful.

A new modern office should Olson Offer plenty of seating options which mimic everything from what you’d expect to find in a traditional office to a coffee shop, a friend’s living room to a kitchen island, all with a very polished and modern look to set you up for success

Everyone knows what the purpose of a conference room is. This is that specific part of a corporate or business office wherein important matters are discussed. Old trends in conference room design required the room to be spacious with a long table dominating the room, while a big white board dominate one wall.

Today though, conference rooms are designed differently. In most modern offices, the long tables are gone. The design is now more focused on comfort than business-like. The idea here is to create a very relaxing atmosphere that would promote better comradeship among the meeting participants. Brainstorming can be indeed a lot more engaging when everyone is relaxed and comfortable.

So, how does a modern conference room look? It is not as spacious as it used to. This means that even the smallest of offices can now integrate a meeting room into its design. Gone are the long tables and high-backed chairs. Enter the couches, coffee tables, easy chairs and pillows. In other words, conference rooms in small offices are similarly with that of a normal.

For big corporations though, long tables are still required. But the old chairs are replaced with comfortable padded ones. And who needs white boards when huge monitors are available to be used for presentations.

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