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Matthew Hawthorne  35 years young. Fitness, my wife, and my son Oliver are my life. 12/13πŸ’˜ Unfollow me I unfollow you. Personal trainer @ Retro fitness

Mommy and Daddy: how does a chicken go
Oli: slams chicken into his mouth *bock bock bock

Okay before the bad news the good news, look who knows what a chicken does! It's still a mystery to us to why every time he says the chicken goes bock bock bock he has to smash the chicken into his mouth what we're still eager to find out. God bless kid........ this kid makes me smile on even the worst of days and his beautiful mother not only makes me smile but takes care of me when I can't even stand! I love you guys so much I'm so lucky to have you too

Okkkkaaaayyyyyyy. Bad news
Okay okay if you don't know I herniated 2 disc in my back numbers L4 and L5 that were problem children in my old creeky spine for the last 7 years as it was already. They just finally gave out on me damnit! I've been pretty out of it on some pain meds not posting as much as I like to usually post due to the fact that I cannot really play with Oliver the way I like to because of this damn back! Well I'm actually back on my feet again and at this point I'd say 70% of the pain has alleviated already "except when standing for long periods of time still we're working on that one! " They said I may need one or two more treatment before I'm 100 percent again.

It's actually odd at this point when I lay down flat on my back I have exactly zero back pain and I can't remember the last time I could actually say that. I realize that when I get up the pain comes back but that should only be temporary. I can't believe that my back was so out of whack for 7 years or probably more and all the scans and doctors I seen never picked up on it.

If you suffer from back pain you should go see a pain management doctor, the doctor I went and seen identified the two discs even before he took the MRI and was such a pleasure to deal with. He got me in that weekend when most doctors wouldn't even see me for 2 weeks. I had a transdermal epidural procedure done on my L4 and L5 and I could tell you it's working Wonders so far...... please before you have any operations try something minimal like this before doing so.

Game time!
What movie am I????
Here are two pictures and 2 clues to start you out.

Clue #1. This movie was released in 1992

Clue #2. As an advertisement scheme a 75-foot-tall cutout of "Holli Would" one of the main characters in the movie was placed in a sitting Style atop the D on the Hollywood sign in LA.

Okay now here's the rules.
#1. No looking up answers in any way! Don't be THAT guy/chick.
#2. Just comment with yes if you know the answer and then reply to your comment with the answer. "To avoid spoiling the fun for others"
3# what did you think of this movie? And would you like to see a remake?

Oli Loves when hos cuz Davin comes to visit with Granny H!

Hit 315 reverse grip bench up on last night's arm day. The pump was real by the end of the night.

When no one is looking..... I curl in the squat rack. #facts

Jill just finished these custom nautical themed chucks for my man @mikeeshepp . Hope you like em as much as I do bro hahaha.

He just picked up my hat and started putting it on and off. Even on this dark day this kid makes life so bright. ❀❀❀

Happy valentines day to the 2 people in my life that are stuck with my crazy ass.πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ I love you guys more than peanut butter. πŸ₯œπŸ˜β€β€


The kid don't put this down all day until she gets home. 😍😍😍❀❀ My dude melts my heart on the daily.

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