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😎✌🏾️🖖🏾😉  Marketing and publicizing your favorite entertainment properties #outchea in LA ......all thoughts belong to me.

When it comes to business....I’m handling me #outchea

3 hours of casual conversation about family, community, crime, our people, business, life, and of course #fashion w/ the legendary @dapperdanharlem = a priceless unforgettable moment etched in time. Salute to a real OG ✊🏾💯#outchea

Feels like Summer cc: @hleanni #outchea

Highlight of my #essencefestival2018 was unexpectedly getting to catch up w/ 1 of the funniest people I know. My ultimate wing woman, college +1, now she’s wears the S on her chest as mom and wife @mrskellcan_ball . Great night! #outchea

Another 1! Bless up to @djkhaled for hosting our #skyscrapermovie VIP screening. S/o @wethebestmusic team for making it happen. Go check it out this weekend. Ps. I was totally unprepared for that video cameo. #outchea 📸: @jenjphoto

When #PowerTakesNYC so do we.... #outchea

Sometimes you need a moment of darkness to adjust and refocus your light. What’s goin on?! So much happening in this world we live in. #outchea

So often I meet people I follow on social media, and in real life they’re not at all like what they present on the innanets. Salute to @iamdevale @khadeeniam for being REAL people and professionals 💯. Absolute pleasure working w them. Go follow them and support their movement if you don’t already! #ABFF #outchea

When you’re on a boat celebrating More Life and ask somebody to get that quick shot of you Sunday best life living and the front of the boat becomes your hype section. #outchea

Kicked off 34 this weekend with a lil fun w/ family and friends. Thanks to everyone who came by, sent a message, or any celebratory gesture. Looking forward to logging another 365 in the books and what’s to come. And yep.....I’m still #outchea

I always feel a bit awkward when the attention is on me and I have to speak in front of a crowd....last night was no different! Thanks for everyone that came out to see #Deadpool including our host @karencivil , DJ @demilobo , and photog @jenjphoto . #Deadpool2 out this weekend! #outchea

Good Morning Bayside Tigers 📢🔉🔊 now....Everybody do the Tiger Rumble!!! (s/o to my #SpelHouse fam) #savedbythebell #savedbythemax #outchea

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