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d_mclean  #TaylorMadeBands •Taylor'd Fitness 🌟•Reign Training Facility •Purdue Alum🏈🇯🇲 •Snapchat 👻: d_mclean54 • Bandz click link below ⬇️


Happy Valentine’s Day @skyselenamclean #HappyValentinesDay ❤️

One month down of staying committed. 3-4 a week with at least 30-45 min of cardio. Tryna shed and tone. Bikini season is right around the corner. This was a full body workout concentrating on engaging my core to strengthen my balance. The band I used... @taylormadebands The inspiration... @veezy0520 Wearing... @gymsharkwomen @gymshark leggings ™@a_rhythm

@taylormadebands can improve strength from your hips/glutes, leading all the way down to your IT-band, & ligaments around your knees. Improper knee angles during your squats may cause injuries to your lower extremities . @taylormadebands can fix that w/ constant tension to the bands during your squat movement. Remember the focus should be on your hip strength & mobility. #InjuryPrevention #Bands #TaylorMadeBands

For those wanting to see snippets of my workouts, I'm here to appease you 🙄 Romanian Deadlifts are a love/hate exercise. I do these banded because they keep tension in my glutes and I can feel them burrrnn. These work my glutes and hamstrings and I keep my core very tight. I will also do these with a barbell or dumbbells, depending on my mood. I do 4 sets of 15.
My band is from @taylormadebands - the best bands I have ever used.
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@taylormadebands are great for building strength in your core and hip flexor. Check out this athletic warm up --Finishing with some light work #outwork #hardwork #dedication #finish@_dcc4

#GluteActivation 🍑
Its Been a Long time since I recorded A Video
Excuse the Quality BUT ever Since I started Focusing on Isolating Glutes and Specifically Doing Warm Ups to Target certain Muscles My workout have Been even More INTENSE and the RESULTS 🔥

Warm Up 3-4 Rounds
NON Stop Between Exercises
Bands From: @taylormadebands
Use code “Andrea15” for 15% Off. •Side Squats 10 each side
•Donkey Kicks 15 each with 3 sec Holds • Fire Hydrants 10 each side.
• Reverse lunge with Curtsy
Rest 45 sec between rounds.

TAG a Friend That Needs a New #Glute WarmUp. ™@andreag_fit

Thinking about filming more of my #bodybuilding workouts for you guys!
What do y’all think?
Today was #booty🍑 day.
Did 4x12-15 of each set supper setting movements together. My @taylormadebands came thruuuu.
Through any movement always make sure to keep your core tight and only do weight that allows for good form.
Anyone down to give it a try??? #crossfit #meetsme #forme #getitb #freeworkout #forfun #cusiloveyall #igthottie #holla #lmao #yallrllygonnbemadnow #personaltrainer #ayeee #latina #latinaswholift #machika@boomfamf

Bath time! One of @skyselenamclean favorite parts of the day! She loves warm water! My Queen!👶🏽

•Squat Walk
•Criss Cross Squats
•Curtsey Squats
•Back Lunge/High Knee
•Plank/Back Kicks
•Hip Twists
•Single Leg Deadlift

Do 20-30 reps of each & REPEAT 3X

I'm using the NEW CAMO band from 👉🏼@Taylormadebands ! Use "@miss_suarezz" at checkout 💯
_____________________________________ ™@miss_suarezz

WARM UP & ACTIVATION: Great for activating and warming up the hips glutes in FIVE 🤚🏼different ways to warm up your legs & glutes before you put them to WORK!!🍑using @taylormadebands Pink EXTREME band. Link in Bio “VeeFit10” to save you some $
Happy Hump Day Ladies😚

Follow @marygotfit on her Fitness Journey! She has made great accomplishments thus Far! It's possible for anyone once you make the decision you're are no longer the person you were before! Let's get Fit @taylormadebands -- Loving these @taylormadebands - definitely upped the intensity of my workout today!! I used them for my warm up AND for my working sets. Use code MaryGotFit15 for 15% off your next order!☺️
1.) Hydrants: great exercise to warm up glutes and hips. I have very tight hips so this is a crucial exercise for me.
2.) Kickbacks - If you are quad dominant this exercise will help fire up your glutes for maximum gains 🍑
3.) Hip Thrusts - my go to exercise for building glutes!
4.) Sumo Squat - please note foot placement! This puts more stress on your glutes & hamstrings rather than your quads.
5.) Jump Squats - I superset these w/ my sumo’s to keep my heart rate up. I LOVE sweating during my workout😩
Outfit: @nike@marygotfit

Warmed up for today’s workout and my booty was already #BURNING 🔥😩 Quien más a usado estás bands???? Mine r from @d_mclean @taylormadebands. I couldn’t even get my #machika on😂

Happy Monday you guys! Ya casi es fin! 😂

#taylormadebandz #bootywerk #machika @jbalvin #roscoe #hi #wyd #jesusglow #lunes #woooo@boomfamf

@malenapadillafit Using her @taylormadebands in her workout program!-- GLUTES GLUTES GLUTES 😛🔥 bomb workout made by the awesome @lucydavis_fit ‼️
✖️Box squats 4x10
✖️DB single leg hip thrust 4x15
✖️Cable Pull through 4x12
✖️Deficit reverse lunge on a step 4x8 each leg
•Band glute finisher for DOS rounds✌🏽
✖️10 band glute bridges
✖️20 band hip thrusts
✖️30 band standing hip extensions each leg
✖️30 band seated abduction
I died so I know you will 😭😅 ™@malenapadillafit

This is a great exercise you can do at the gym or at home!
Try holding on to anything stable enough to hold your weight. - All Lunges are done at a 90 degree angle. - Try to control your movement for better results! - We are using the extreme resistance band for this exercise. - 3x20

Boriqua 🇵🇷+ Mexicana 🇲🇽 = 🔥🔥 It’s not a workout when you’re having fun! A little post workout groove with @monmonbee in our wonderful @taylormadebands by @d_mclean@bangin_bodiess

@taylormadebands Workout -- When you find that bad ass training partner that helps push through the end....💦 Partner workout with @taylormadebands @sarahskyava @d_mclean
Code:BootyLow ™@monmonbee

Here are a few of my leg workouts from today! I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday and killing it at the gym 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 (using my @taylormadebands 😉 check em out 👀👀 and use my code DCeline15 ) 🎥@_thegonz_@danielaaceline

#TaylorMadeBands - No rolling up or breaking these bands. #ExtremeResistance
Quarter squats- do not come all the way up. Keep the tension in the band as you push open up your hips during your squat. This is a great warm up before you start your lower body workout. @taylormadebands

@miss_suarezz @taylormadebands I live for the feeling of being in the gym & pushing my mind out of the box to be creative with my workouts🙌🏻 Adding in @taylormadebands NEW CAMO medium resistance band was fun & added the perfect amount of intensity to my Glutes 🔥🔥🔥
•Squat/Good Morning combo w/weight
•Curtsey/Side kick/Squat
•Jumping Sumo Squat/Narrow Squat
•Side kicks/Squats •Front Lunge to Butt Kicker
•Sissy Squat to Sit up

Do 20-30 reps of each & REPEAT 3X

That was only half my workout 😜

Find the right resistance band for you here👉🏼@Taylormadebands! Use "@miss_suarezz" at checkout 💯
_____________________________________ ™@miss_suarezz

When one of your college teammates comes all the way from Florida and makes sure he stops by definitely feels good ! Brought back memories of us coming together trying to figure out different workouts to challenge our athletic ability! Now almost 8 years later we are both successful Personal trainers and future business owners! Hard work pays off! Thanks for coming by @robhenry_15 💯 #PurdueAlum #PurdueFootball

T-Shirt by @fitemfitness #WeWorkin

Try these jump squats and walk back for 1 min! 🔥🍑🔥 #HappyFriday @taylormadebands @taylormadebands @taylormadebands

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