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PROTOTYPƎ™  5/9/17💖💍 - 5/16/18👶💘

Love every second with my babies😋

Cool little boi😎



Baby coppo😝

Ink #2 🐶

My babies🐥🐣

Get Rich or Die Trying🤤💙💚

My second favorite person in the world (after our son)💖 You're smart, you're funny, you're weird And silly (Just like me, oops), And you're just so Damn beautiful. I'll do about anything And Everything to keep you And our son happy And I really can't wait for the rest of our lives together as A family. You And our son are my #1 And nothing will ever get in the way of that. I love you, My princess, My queen, My baby, My bunny, My everything💖💖



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