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DeniSe Maria Sanz Laurel  God loves u!!! True dreamers never sleep ❤ Snapchat: d_sanzl follow @thebukiechannel and on YouTube!


Loved this shot from a few months ago by my loves
@rosarioherrera @floriantrinidad @asap.pis @gerypenaso

@statuscreativeagency ❤️ Thick jeans + booty probs.

Learned this beautiful thing today.. this is nice to have in mind literally.. when u get a thought or before u speak ask urself.. is it truth? Is it helpful? (To u or others) is it important? Is it necessary? (We all say stupid things sometimes haha) and is it KIND?... as the Bible says you reap what u sow.. and u can't plant corn and expect lychee.. and it's never too late to change what you are sowing :) never! Ofcourse it will take a while to get rid of the old weeds but don't let that stop u! Anyway Just thought I'd share this with u guys :) hugs! Gnight!

@thebukiechannel has a New video out on YouTube today!! Let's support our #lilwarrior feel na feel niya that he has subscribers haha cutie!!! :) let's please give him something to be happy about! Haha thanks link in my bio or on my stories!!! ❤️

Lunch with my love ❤️ photo by my mom ❤️

NEW Video UP tomorrow on @thebukiechannel YouTube!!!

Oh it's Wednesday!! It's already half of the week and been on an intense work mode since monday... time to recharge!! What do u think? I heard @thesmstore is offering 10% off today and every Wednesday of August if you purchase items at least
2k 🙊 and this exciteees me! Hehe! 🙂 👗✨lessssgoooooo!

Dust yourself off and try again.

Friday night ✨#DeeXDEeG

Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different- C.s. Lewis

Bianca the cray #thebetterhalf #freakyfriday

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