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DeniSe Maria Sanz Laurel  God loves u!! True dreamers never sleep!❤️ follow my #lilwarrior @thebukiechannel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwoxJq2C85HzzmIunoZRm0A on YouTube!

Allergies? Nahhhh! I'm free!!!! To all my friends who have allergies, Claritin can be taken any time your allergy symptoms act up!

Thank God i got through yesterday! The show must go on ya know! If u guys only knew what i looked like before three days of #Claritin and the wonderful work of @deniseochoa @chrisrodil .. I had the works! Swollen eyes, swollen nose, all that sneezing and the itching everywhere the hives! It was horrible! Well I guess it's allergy season again!! Didn't it just end?!?! Or is it never ending lol But i gotta do what i gotta do and live my best life and #LiveClaritinClear we did it!

God is constantly doing amazing things in my life.. And I'm also constantly going through battles.. (But the battles are just as important as the great times!)Sometimes when I'm faced with one test after another i get caught up in worry and forget who HE is, that GOD is always perfect, perfectly loving and perfectly on time and perfect in His plan.. Sometimes the storms come to remind u that u need Him and only him.. sometimes because i think its a different test.. I'm distracted by tackling something new.. Sometimes when i take my eyes off of the Lord and see the scary wind and waves i start to sink..But no matter the circumstances or what the new dilemma is i gotta remind myself, we gotta remind ourselves that the ANSWER remains the SAME.. In times of fear set ur eyes on Him know God is real.. In times of worry and anxiety know God is with you like no one can ever be he never fails and in all times Remember HE loves you and has His plans for you, He died for you! When ur mind tells u this sucks n it's hopeless don't give in! sing ur favorite praise song! Remember the last time u thought u weren't gonna make it but u did? We gotta remind ourselves not to miss it don't forget what u already know to be true!.. So there, Breathe and remember the spoiler it's all gonna be okay! This is just the journey! God won't let life break u All u need is His presence! To see who he is..He's waiting on you and He's got our backs! Help is on the way for us! I'm gonna tell myself i should celebrate in this time not because i love God but because He loves us.. So now i leave us with a question after all that..God saved you but what did he save us for? He's not done with you :)

Use me Lord 🙏🏽
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Woke up to wonderful, messy Love filled and extra cheesey surprise!!!! He loves me!! He really really loves me haha!! I got an I ❤ mom pizza for breakfast haha he says it's his master piece thankyou @thebukiechannel for the yummiest pizza ive ever had!!! And by far the cutest! Thankyou for making me feel like everyday is mothers day ❤❤❤ Check this out for more fun moments! https://www.facebook.com/MagnoliaCheezee/videos/812256892303052/ #ThingsWeDoForMom #MyCheezeeMoments

I just wanna be here... Can someone just Teleport me... Need. Beach. Help. Lol

Mom's gonna kill me for this haha but it's okay hahahhahhahahahahahaha
Love u mom ✌🏽️ u da glue! U da mvp! Swipe 👈🏽

No baby.. it’s my honor to be your mom. You are the best gift from God ever! love u @thebukiechannel

Oh i reaaallly wanted to sleep in today.. lol but u know us moms! We put God and our family first before ourselves! (And in that order hehe) so It’s mass n swimming day for @thebukiechannel today! BUt first! Coffee!! Haha u know we NEEd that!! Got my Nescafe Gold cappuccino to fuel me up! So i can get off my behind and get ahead! So cheers to all my fellow ride or die -lovin, go gettin, poopie diaper changin, hard workin, make up in the car duin and totally amazing mommas our there!!! Let’s get it!! Happy Mother’s Day!! Cheers ☕️☕️ #happymothersday #NESCAFÉGold

New episode up! Just in time for the long weekend!!! For sure u kids get iPad time this weekend haha so don't forget to check out @thebukiechannel on YouTube!!! Just search The bukie channel!! Don't forget to SLAM that subscribe button!!! 👊🏽

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"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose " Romans 8:28
@m3rcmywords i pray that you continue to glorify God in everything that you do and just continue to be led by Him, continue to embrace and feel His love for you in all your blessings and especially through the trials! i hope that me and my family @thebukiechannel can also be tools of God in showing His love and belief in you as well.. Baby, I'm truly blessed to be given the eyes to SEE YOU for all the amazing things that u are and to witness ur awesome growth as a man and lover of the Lord..
Aside from the fact that i always admired your fire, passion, strength, determination, ur impeccable discipline, the wisdom you share, your beastyness in everything you do ( also ya i guess u can say u are really really handsome lol) and your love for family.. THE REASON WHY I FELL IN Love with you in the first place was because of your Love of God and your huge faith in Him! And that's the same reason why i fall in love with you over n over everyday! Anyway! I just wanna say God got you! (u know that) i love you! (I hope u know that) I'm proud of u! I want the best for u! I believe in u and i won't stop being amazed by you! Happy Birthday! i dont pray for all your hearts desires to come true i pray for God's desires for you to come ASAp cause that's way better than anything u could ever ask for! Xo HBD!

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