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Festival Junkie💉Music Addict🎶  In religion its spirits in science its energy & the streets its vibes all Im saying is trust it •Photographer•Ambassador•Influencer• My Career 👇🏻📸


Find your passion and hustle till you're paid to do what you love and you won't ever work a day in your life. 🌲🍯💨💨💨

We get it you have tits. Sick of people considering this kinda shit art. This ain't art. This is 100% disrespect to artists everywhere. Am I judging art? No for art can not be judged. But acting like a hoe and posting it on Instagram and telling everyone it's ok cuz it's art? Na I won't fuck with that. Yes you can use a woman's body and create beautiful artwork with it. But creating content with no art substance to the entire photo at all and placing all focus on some tits and ass, that is not art. That is censored pornography.

Grind. Get paid. Smoke and 🔁

Testing out some of snoop dogs glass collection 🍯💨

Got paid to play with weed shoot some product and get dabbed tf out. ''Twas a good day

"I think I been to nice but this were the shit ends pussy boy I ain't ya nigga and bitch I ain't ya fuckin man I don't fuck with no body I never fuck with no body you can ask anybody if they said I did then they lying." #life #thruitall #grow

Trust no one. I swear to god I need to get this tatted already cuz apparently I keep forgetting. The worlds a fucked up place kids. Smoke weed and do you. Fuck the rest.

How Summer '18 in Cali gonna be when they tell everyone you can only have 6 recreational plants each 😂😭😂😭💯😍

Growin up they called me DJ, college it was Daniel, my career they gave me Kirk, but your girl haha, your girl calls me Daddy 👅

While in Colorado it's a must to roll up recklessly.

The weak will never understand. It's not how they see you, it's how you see you.

Update. Twitch has made it out of two brain surgeries he is still in a medically induced coma and they medically paralyzed him as well. Please share the link in my bio as much as possible. We've already gotten ESPN, Los Angeles times and many other papers and networks to share as well. Keep fighting @danieltwitch I know you got this brother.

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