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Dakota Hamlin  Aren't you that one guy with that black Tacoma? 21. JW. Ginger. 🤓 👊Toyota 👌Kawasaki 💪KTM #TacomaWorld: @DakotasYota "Mundi est quieta hic"


Alright Instagram friends, I wanna have a talk. I wanna hear lots of opinions and thoughts. My mother wants this. She built this raptor online and wants it. The MSRP came out to $68,000... alright not bad. So WHY when she clicks find in a dealership near me is the price $91,000?!?!?! Looking at you @billpierreford 👀 ok trust me I’ve read all the articles but I want response from all of you in this off-road world of cars and trucks. I’ve never been so flabbergasted in my life. It’s not the price it’s the markup! For that price we gettin an LX570. This is not a rare vehicle. This is something that is built every freaking day. Can someone explain to me why dealers are asking a $23,000 markup over sticker price? Like literally the sticker is in the window 😑 maybe I’m just young but I’ve never heard of something like this. You ain’t special. It’s a loaded f-150 with long travel. Somebody talk to me I’m about to freak out. #YouMakeMeSick #FordRaptor

I won’t be skiing tomorrow oddly enough..... 😣 However I think I’ll use this time to clean Mr. Tac. I haven’t touched it since this epic snow day with @wyatt_frank01 😱 #AintThatAMess #FoamCannonPicsInbound

Check out this 🔥🔥 shot by @t_ham96 📸📸
Hopefully the last pic of me looking like a skittles package 😂 Need to get on that @flylowgear train. #Atomic #Skiing #SkiLife #MontanaPowder #SkiTheFish #CliffDrops #AtomicAutomatic #ThisIsWhyINeverGoSnowWheeling

So here’s the thing, my dad took all the photos from Moab and I still have never imported them to my computer. Once in a blue moon we end up together at a bar on a Tuesday and I can make a #TacoTuesday post 😅

It’s been a hot minute since I made a #TacoTuesday post.... #ItStillLives

Thank you to every single one of you who made my 2017 great! #2017bestnine

Got to take the Taco out in the snow w/ @wyatt_frank01 in the Stranger Things Blazer! Good times with good friends to end a stressful end of the year overtime grind 👌👌 @bigalbuenrostro

Beauty comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes 😍😍😍 @adamspolishes #TakeCareOfYourCars #TheyllTakeCareOfYou

Pammy got to spend some time on the West side for work this week 😎 #FrontEndFriday

Damn it feels really nice to finally be home. I don’t remember the last time I slept in my bed for a whole week! #AnotherDrivewayPic 🤷‍♂️

“I sure hope another one of these doesn’t decide to fall off the cliff...” -Dad #TacoTuesday

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