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Rest in paradise Queen of Soul! God bless your soul.

Prayers and a moment of recognition to the Queen of Soul. Aretha Franklin! God bless your health and life. Godspeed recovery and good health. We love you!

I'm nowhere near perfect or without sin. But my struggles and flaws have made me the man that I've become. I can't change my past mistakes. Nor will I allow those same mistakes to imprison my soul to think that I'm lesser than who I truly am.

This is terrifying if this is a black fact. Right? We've been terrorized for over 450 year's plus in Amerikkka. #Knowyourtrueenemies #nothingschangedinthisracistcountry #uncivilizedsavageklansmencops

Happy Bornday!!! To the love of my life. 45 year's ago this culture was set off. @therealdjkoolherc for me and many of us want to give major honor and respect due to you for what you birthed. Hip-hop!!! The DJ,the Emcee,the B-boy, the graffiti artist, and the knowledge of self.

PRPS is designed by Donwan Harrell. Black designer from North Carolina. We should show our support to our own. Since we all spend with other's.

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