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Caleb Warren  Husband, Guitarist, Tenor Banjo player, and lead singer of Caleb Warren and the Perfect Gentlemen. ...I love the life I lead.

Getting pretty excited for this show coming up Thursday evening with @bloodontheharp and #hightiderising at @529_eav ! This will be our first time in East Atlanta and we're really looking forward to meeting some new friends and spending the evening with some old pals as well!
If you're in Atlanta, come on out!!

Thought I might take a little break from posting on the @calebandthegents profile and post this sign from the bar I went to last night. Coincidentally, it's a B.Y.O.L. bar. My kind of place.

Hey guys!! I made a fancy, schmancy, new Instagram account for our band! So, if you want to keep up with all the happenings and goings on in the world of Caleb Warren and the Perfect Gentlemen, go give @calebandthegents a quick little "follow& #34; !

I never had the honor of meeting Dave Lamb personally. I did however, have the honor and pleasure of knowing and hearing his and @morganeve beautiful music and being inspired by one of the most soulful voices I've heard in a long, long time.
Not only an amazing musician, from the stories I've read in the past week, he was a joy and a pleasure to know and call "friend& #34; . To all the folks who called him "friend& #34; , my thoughts and love are with you.

To Mr. Lamb, Godspeed sir. Rest assured, you will be missed.

From my walk home a few days ago. Four miles isn't too bad of a walk when the scenery is nice. I hope all my Atlanta friends are safe and warm.

Here's a shot from yesterday. I got to spend the day wandering around the Chattanooga Convention Center with my beautiful wife. Here she is standing in the giant hallway of the convention center just generally being lovely.

I came pretty close to catching the sunrise a few mornings ago when I got to work. This was still a pretty nice sight.

Man! What a show last night! I finally got to see this fella live after missing his past two or three shows in Atlanta! Good to meet ya @thejoshuablackwilkins ! Hell of a set my friend!

We're going to be playing the Red Brick Brewery in Atlanta this Friday the 18th!
This is going to be a blast! So if you're in the Atlanta area come hang out with us and have a few brews and let us serenade you a little bit!

Mornin' , Joe...

Why, yes. Yes, band practice was awesome.

Also, just for fun:
How many strings are in this picture?

This little fella may or may not have almost put a permanent dent in my noggin when he leapt out of the apple tree in the driveway.

Side note:
Yes, I looked completely ridiculous taking this picture and yes, a stranger drove by and saw me looking this way. I waved and smiled.

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