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Two weekends in a row I got to spend time with some of my favorite people, kids in the world. I Dj'd there #princesses and #prince ball! It was amazing to see them dress up and really be treated like royalty! I am so happy got to be there and get to see them and dance with them! I love them so so much! ❤❤❤ not to pick favorites but the second pic, I've known her for 12 years. Since she was 3! ❤! Rachel is getting so big! 😢

Yo #sandiego you need to #chill you are too #perfect right now! The rest of the country is cold and we get this? Hahahahahahahaha #California 😍❤

My ❤ can not handle how much I love these kids. They are one of the most #beautiful things in my life. I missed them much and I am so blessed to have been a small part of there life. #mexico #Tijuana 📷: @jacquotgogo

#venicebeachboardwalk might be the only place I like in #losangeles . Ok not only but I did like it here. #sunset #venicebeachskatepark #venicebeachbasketball #venicebeachsunset

I have been so blessed to witness so many beautiful #marriages in my life all around me and be apart of a few of the celebrations! This one is extremely special and close to my heart! Nick and Rachel are celebrating there 20th anniversary! 20 years! They have strived to love everyone, build community and raise the most amazing family ever! The last twenty years they have blessed an insane amount of people and loved Unconditionally continuously. Yeah it's not perfect but it is so so good! I'm so thankful they welcomed me into there family and I've been able to see what a thriving healthy loving marriage looks like! Thank you and I love you Nick and @rachelaldous!!

Watch the rest of the video here : https://www.facebook.com/events/1266468900107899/?ti=icl it's going to be a lot of fun and you should all come! #family #celebration #mysister

#suarez #neymarjr #messi #goat it is amazing to get to watch some of the best #footballislife⚽️ ever played in the #history of the sport! 6-1 "greatest comeback win in #championsleague #history ." Only #Barcelona could have pulled this off! ❤⚽ #numberone

#Barcelona celebrating a win last yet while I was there! Today they will celebrate again! I ❤️ #FCB 5 PSG 0

#bestfriend in #thailand🇹🇭 I'll be back this year and do it even better. 😢

#Thailand made a statue that looks like my ex in all her Instagram photos. #spoton

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