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Dawn  Living life

The weather may not indicate spring but the flowers are trying their hardest. #spring #daffodils #yvr

The rain pouring on my roof matches well with the beginning of 2017 #dreary

Hatch Show Print

Snow day at home. Fun day away. #mommysbaby

A little overkill on the road salt here. #toocoldtowash #whatcolourisit #rrs

Out with the old, make room for the new. Today is always a fresh start. Happy New Year

#mommybrag PIDH tournament Peewee champions and MVP to player no.10 #hockeymom

2 Raffle baskets made, 11 teacher gifts tagged - time for 1 glass of wine 😉

Annual car show day #civic row

Annual car show day #sunbeamtiger

Touring Toronto #cntower

A long weekend ride through the mountains. The slopes are slowly recovering from a wildfire that burned through 10 years ago. Be #firesmart and really dowse any #campfire . Enjoy nature and protect her. Loved the ride and my #Polaris .

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