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D🅰mien 🐐 Gil🅱e®t🏈  📱6s+ #rosegold🔥 ☀Shine State 🐯Palmetto, Florida (941) 🇺🇸 "U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A!" 👻Goatman941 🎮Gamertag: GoatManNine41


That moment u don't have to match jus to b clean... "Ima Rock Ah Pink Cap Wit It, Fck It" #wildsplash2017

Oh It was ah must I went ahead & got the "Wolf Grey" ... Flexin on em on purpose !!! 💪💪 #golfgrey 👟👟

Mfer can SEE Price... See Price With They Own Two👀... & STILL Say I Didn't Pay 113.97... See The Thing is, Haters Gone Hate Regardless... They Been Doing That Every Since I Got Em !!! #sad 😔

"Ya Cool, But Ya Ain't Cooler Den Me" -Promise 💯

DO NOT Walk Pass Me Fly, Ima Demand Ah Pic Witcha !!! #Moms ♥️

"Cuhzo Comin Home, I Told Y'all Ppl; I Told Y'all Ppl... Yall Thought I Was Playing But I Told Y'all He Comin Home Monday, He Coming Home Monday; He Comin Home... Told Yall... Yall Better Believe It..." Lil Boosie's Daughter Voice 😂🤣😂🤣 #FreeCuhzo ✊️❤️💯


Just do it, ffffck it !!!

Jitt growing like ah mfer, & wont stop for some reason, but ummm... Happy 18th lil BIG Bro... It's Yo Day, Enjoy !!!

9-24-2016 5:45pm 💸🚗 •Lost Last One To Hurricane🌪💦 Hermine🌬, But Um Still Ridin' Clean🛁🚿; Smaller Engine🚗 But It's Still Mean🏎... •Gas⛽️ Paddle To Da Flo, Make It Get Up & Go, Ford Tough💪; Dis Btch Ain't Slow🐢... •Sometimes U Gotta Switch It Up, Total Lost "Awh FCK"🖕; At Da Bottom I Was Stuck😔... •But Na It's Luxury When I Ride, Music🎼 High🔊When I Slide; Leather All In Da Insides...
•Off White⚪️, It Ain't White🖱; Sorta Like Ah Pearl📿Type, When Sun☀️ Hit👊; U Should See👀 Da Sight😳... 😂😂😂😂

Na We Ain't 😎 !!! Smh

U look out, I'll do da same... Grabbed this random guy to snap it up fah meh, (since I came way up hea solo) in return what I gave him was ah cup of liquor & ah beer... See me, um very good when it comes to ppl... I can look at a person & tell exactly what they like... But If that don't work, money is always an option; it's ah recession, WE don't turn that down... Ppl's Person !!! 💯

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