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I keep biting my lips open also mb I need a black dog or all my black clothes gunna look gross all the time

Sup Victoria

When yr goth but u still chill w yr floofs check out @littlestarchild instalation on my insta story it's a #dreamlandfantasy also goth bra/top comfy as shit sent to me by @lilyjamesapparel

4got how insanely beautiful my home town is srsly considering coming back

Me showing up for my cannes debut in 1997

Sad goth girl goes to mom's house

Sorry friends I've moved to Victoria to be with this ferret who I love

Working door tn for @neverapartmtl party @ 6821 Rue St-Hubert come say bye b4 I'm out for a week

Tryna pack but got distracted by how nice my hair looked

90% of my casual run ins with people I'm in my actual gym clothes and I'm self concious everyone thinks I'm a frump

Look what I made 🍑🌹

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