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daniel lombardi.  •PT & MOVEMENT ENTHUSIAST• 📍Perth ♥️♦️♣️♠️ Be yourself, everyone else is already taken ~ Oscar Wilde @movepersonaltrainingstudio


UPPER TRAP & LEVATOR SCAP RELEASE ▪️Hands up if you're tight through these areas? ✋🏼the tightness you feel through any muscle means they're overworked/overactive. Time to fix it before it becomes an imbalance and starts to effect things like your posture. One of the most common areas this occurs would the top of the shoulders (upper traps) and just above the scapulae (levator scap) A lot of people hold tension and stress through here. If this is you hit this SMT (self myofascial release) exercise, done with an oly bar. Approx 60s per side daily and you'll feel a difference. Pressure + movement is a basic rule with all SMT. #stressless

🗣real talk. #banksy

Awesome day today watching athlete Catherine being put to the test! Learning more and more everyday 👌🏼
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@range_of_motion Mentorship Student Daniel @d.lombo watches middle distance runner Catherine @catherinevanderwalt during a complete relative stamina session.
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Some slo mo vision from a basic plyo session over the weekend. Quarter jump squats! Found these have improved power and speed through triple extension especially when done from quarter rather than full depth all the time, provides some variety too. Single leg to address any imbalances ⚖️Check the right knee on the s/l. More vmo work needed😩#jumpman

@kiallapurefoods making those 5:30am winter starts on a Monday a little easier to swallow. #ptlife

Just about a weeks protein intake for Sunday lunch. Nothing like a piece of fresh roo meat 🍽

SPEED DEADLIFTS ▪️Finishing this weeks training with these speed/touch and go deads. Working my way up to 65% over 5 sets. The aim behind introducing these to my program 3 weeks ago was to build power through the posterior chain musculature. Moving large loads over long distances quickly is the best way to build power. When you build power, you gain speed👊🏻. Off to the track next week for some 100 & 200m sprints. Hoping to shave off some time🤞🏼🏃🏻💨

I've brainstormed and applied many coaching models overs the years as a coach. Sometimes the simple things are staring at you right in the face. You say to yourself surely there's more to it than that?🤔 keep it simple stupid i guess is the moral of the story! This is one I've been following from day 1 walking into @range_of_motion mentorship program... it's the first thing i learnt. A simple, basic coaching model that will never let you down.
1. Teach correct mechanics to your clients, people move differently and we all have different biomechanics but how you move is crucial to your goals further down the line no matter what it is.
2. Get consistency with those improved/correct mechanics. Establishing this requires commitment from both coach and client.
3. Finally, work with intensity. This is where you can really get some headway to achieving your goals. Adding load to an incorrect movement pattern that has no consistency to it will only lead you down the wrong path. 👍🏼

1 max effort to the top👊🏼🏃🏻1:02mins/224 strides. #kingspark runners give it a try and post your time 👇🏼

Italian sausages hanging in the garage with half the streets surnames written on boxes below. Welcome to my Dads real retirement plan🤣 #moneybagsmick

Doubling up 🍔 @rockefellerdeli delivering the goods on a Saturday 👌🏼#pertheats

CLIENT GOALS ▪️Private client Kelly back in full swing after a serious injury to her cervical spine. Not only her anthropometry goals were achieved she's restored full function around the previously injured area and is almost pain free! Full marks to her for not only putting in the work throughout a frustrating time but believing in the process✅ Always a pleasure to work with clients who are headstrong and committed.

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