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daniel lombardi.  •FUNCTIONAL & HIIT COACH• 📍Perth ♥️♦️♣️♠️ Be yourself, everyone else is already taken ~ Oscar Wilde @movepersonaltrainingstudio


Old fashions w. the lads🥃🔥

Saturday arvo fun😕It was at this point i was really regretting piking on this sesh earlier this week. #stairwaytoheaven #stairwaytohell

Great to see these up at work in support of #marriageequality 🌈Sad to see Australia, such a developed country so far behind the rest of the work on this! Today is the last day to register your name to make a difference so make sure you do so to have your say👍🏼#isupportmarriageequality #loveislove

4 Min EMOM.👇🏼 💪🏼
Min 1 - Row 250M.
Min 2 - 24kg KB power swing x6.
Min 3 - Double unders x20.
Min 4 - REST.

X 5 rounds 😳

Session goals📝 ▪️Keep the row under 50s❌😩and within 25 strokes. ✅😁 ▪️Finish the power swing within 15s.
Rower times: 50s, 48s, 49s, 52s, 51s.
Strategy🤓 ▪️Use the power swing as more for recovery in between the more demanding minutes. #forearmburn 🔥

Today's EMOM🏋🏻🤢 Minute 1: 1 Deadlift, 1 burpee.
Minute 2: 2 Deadlifts, 2 burpees.

So on and so forth.... I finished the 8th minute in this clip🎥.. 1 better than last week👏🏼 👊🏼must keep the exercises alternating.
👊🏼must finish your number of reps within the minute you're in or until failure.

TIP💡in the early rounds, use your time wisely. Haha👍🏼 #IWILL

Anddd that's a wrap! Big thanks to Dan for challenging me to pursue and maintain a higher standard of coaching. A lot of skills I've learnt from the program have already been implemented with my current clientele with great results. Happy days👏🏼✌🏼😎
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Congratulations to graduating @range_of_motion mentorship student Daniel Lombardi @d.lombo on completion of his mentorship today. It's been great working with you, and we hope you can use the knowledge and experience you've gained to change the world!

Dan Williams’ Range of Motion mentorship programs offer an intensive and comprehensive practical experience for health and fitness professionals. Developed specifically for personal trainers and fitness coaches, this broad and in-depth learning experience will propel the student to higher levels of expertise and service in the fitness industry. http://rangeofmotion.net.au/mentorship-program #ROMMERS #rangeofmotion #myfitnessfile #rangeofmotioncrossfit #crossfit #crossfitgames #workout #training #crossfitgames #health #exercise #wod #crossfitperth #perthcrossfit #osbornepark #crossfitosbornepark #fitfam #fitspo #fitspiration #fitness #exercisephysiology #exercisephysiologist #rangeofmotioneducation #fitnessmentorship #rangeofmotionmentorshipprogram

@robmon89 aka clark kent always has to be front and centre...🙄🤣@csaueracker great call, this needs to gain legs! #superman

GUT SMASH▪️One of most effective releases from @mobilitywod to combat excessive trunk flexion. Trunk and hip flexion is the position you find yourself in if you're sitting at work all day😩 so if this you listen up 📢!! Simple strategies can be put into place to fight the fact you're #deskbound Releasing the tension and tightness of the rectus ab and hip flexor group with the #gutsmash can help reverse your posture into a more upright position... once again Mum was right when she tells you to stand tall🙄read below for a few quick tips💡 📝Breathe into the diaphragm and fill your lungs up before exhaling and pushing your body into the ball like shown. 📝Put a reminder on to get up, walk, move, stretch....etc 📝If you're a cyclists this is a must for you. 📝Do away with instructor Debbie's 60 min ab blitz classes 🙄😂

UPPER TRAP & LEVATOR SCAP RELEASE ▪️Hands up if you're tight through these areas? ✋🏼the tightness you feel through any muscle means they're overworked/overactive. Time to fix it before it becomes an imbalance and starts to effect things like your posture. One of the most common areas this occurs would the top of the shoulders (upper traps) and just above the scapulae (levator scap) A lot of people hold tension and stress through here. If this is you hit this SMT (self myofascial release) exercise, done with an oly bar. Approx 60s per side daily and you'll feel a difference. Pressure + movement is a basic rule with all SMT. #stressless

🗣real talk. #banksy

Awesome day today watching athlete Catherine being put to the test! Learning more and more everyday 👌🏼
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@range_of_motion Mentorship Student Daniel @d.lombo watches middle distance runner Catherine @catherinevanderwalt during a complete relative stamina session.
#ROMMERS #rangeofmotion #myfitnessfile #rangeofmotioncrossfit #crossfit #workout #training #crossfitgames #health #exercise #wod #crossfitperth #perthcrossfit #osbornepark #crossfitosbornepark #perthfitfam #fitfam #fitspo #fitspiration #fitness #exercisephysiology #perthfitfam #exercisephysiologist

Some slo mo vision from a basic plyo session over the weekend. Quarter jump squats! Found these have improved power and speed through triple extension especially when done from quarter rather than full depth all the time, provides some variety too. Single leg to address any imbalances ⚖️Check the right knee on the s/l. More vmo work needed😩#jumpman

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