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your highness  is dead

ネイルチェンジ💅🏻 だいぶ前だけど笑

tbh these are claws😂
a big thank u to @jillandlovers 💜

More food from Bangkok trip🙃💕

I miss Bangkok😭 this soft ice cream was amazing btw🍦

a rare slight smile....🙃 when my hair was lowkey rainbow 🌈

the cafe at ICU has good🍦

anyways late for class.....as usual😅

me as a 鏡もち🍊 anyways happy new yr! 明けましておめでとー!2017年はつもうで行ってきた⛩

...mouth open to catch flies.....! !! LOL from a month ago before it was hella cold😞

I took like a year's worth of photos to post on ig before I came to Tokyo 😂

pc: @kccuber

I drew the heart and the 'rotten' on the wrong side.....😝

before I came to Tokyo & gained like 5 lbs😂

pc to my brother @kccuber

don't know how to smile

from a few weeks ago when i got my hair done in ny💕 too bad the lavender already faded💦

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