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czarryy  Meep Morp . Stuff I use : Drawing Program : Adobe Photoshop CS3 Tablet : WACOM intuos draw


Found the technological disparity between the original series and the new Clear Card arc to be super funny. Their phones had antennas when they were in elementary and suddenly they have smart phones a year or 2 after :)))
Also! To everyone who came up to me last cosplay matsuri and asked which con will be my next: first off, thank you for actually asking and talking to me! Second, contrary to what I said back then, my next con will be Otaku x Sketch (Otaku expo event) this Feb 3 at Megamall, not Cosplay Carnival. I might still go to Coslplay Carnival, but there's only a slim chance that that can happen heh. Just in case you care heheh.

This be me in a convention!
Granted, my booth is never this tidy, or this spacious....but generally that's what I look like :D Yes I also have a clover on my head sometimes :)) I went and sold at a bunch of anime/cosplay convention last 2017 and I enjoyed the experience so much! Definitely attending more this year :D

Happy Holidays guys! part 2 !
wanted to get this up last night but I fell asleep 😴
swipe to see what Jason got ! :D
I got a bunch of reusable straws this Christmas :)) Now, not only can I live the strawless life, I can force other people to not get plastic straws too!
What did you get for Christmas ? :)

Merry Christmas guys!
Here's some OG PJO girls as my gift for all of you :D
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

My favorite smol beans in baggy sweaters <3
It's that time of the year again! Let's all wish for good tidings to all and for czar to upload more creative content this month hehe

Going out a lot this month and I needed a nice new bag for clothes and my laptop, so I bought a Kanken! and I'm obsessed!!! It's super cute and functional and has so much spaaace!
This sounds sponsored haha only in my dreams! (but like,@fjallravenofficial if you wanna sponsor me, hit me up ;) )

Dad Cat and Pudding Head! Last one of these haikyuu! babies for now #kuroken

Happy Halloween :D
Have a witchy, mist controlling Hazel ! or a spell casting Hermione! they're both cute and witchy and I draw them pretty similarly so...whichever! :))

"MEAN IWA-CHAN!" Anybody have some good fic recommendations of these two ? ( or any good haikyuu fics in general tbh ) A lot of my favorites are ending soon or stopped being uploaded so I need new ones to read! Please and Thankyou! :D

Shut up Yamaguchi!

#tsukkiyama my babies <3


Sold these cuties at #cosmania2017 as pins and stickers and they sold well! Will sell them again at #cosplaymatsuri2017 at the end of the year ;)

Hi guys!
I'm finally back after more than a month of not posting and I'm super sorry for the unexpected hiatus 😭

For most of September, I was preparing for Cosplay Mania (which was super fun!) where I was selling my stuff at, so drawing for anything other than that took a backseat.
Cosmania was at the Sept 30- Oct 1, so the week after that was spent resting and recuperating. Last week was just me being lazy and procrastinating hehe. Oops?
Anyways, I am back now and I'll be sharing some of the stuff I made for the con 😄
And maybe some stuff I made for #inktober ? Would you guys be interested in seeing that? Even if it looks a bit different from my more known style?

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