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czarryy  Meep Morp . Stuff I use : Drawing Program : Adobe Photoshop CS3 Tablet : WACOM intuos draw

badass lady bosses of Camp Half Blood!
This was supposed to go up for Annabeth's birthday, but that obviously didn't happen. My psd file went crazy and I couldn't properly edit each layer :| They were supposed to have weapons too but the file going coo coo just made it impossible to edit so here ya go

Redraw part 2!
(3rd time drawing this "scene" actually, and I really like how it turned out!) Bianca is totally that sister who gives their sibling the bigger sweaters and scarves when it's cold out.
Tell me which characters you want me to redraw! This was really fun to make actually :D

Redraw! from one of my most popular posts on tumblr ( The beach ) which I cringe whenever I look at nowadays haha!

Do you want me to redraw some old art of mine ? mention which ones below ! I might use it for... something ;) some news soon !

Went on a vacation to boracay last week and this me and my sister on one of the days. She got a henna tattoo and I wore a flower crown for the first time in my life!

also, I've been seeing people tag me in their repost of my drawings of MYSELF and saying things like "This drawing of Piper is so cute ! ". I don't really know what to feel about this tbh :)) I'm generally open to you guys reposting my art so long as you credit/tag me. Sooo I'll just let it be and give ya'll permission to imagine this, or any other drawing of me, as any character you wish :)) Go tag this as Piper and (idk) Thalia if you want, I won't care ~

"All you will need for a rocking good time
is a bunch of people who don't give a damn
There's a yes in your head gotta find where it's at
You'll lose it in morning but ignore that"
- Party Tattoos by @doddleoddle

I love Dodie Clark so frickin much! undoubtedly one of my favorite youtubers ever. She's a lovely and genuine human being that makes great covers and even greater songs <3

Before June ends, Happy Pride Month everybody ! .
I could go on and on about fictional characters that represent the LGBQT + community , but nothing beats the real thing . This is a drawing of my friend and her new wife. I went to their wedding last week and, although intimate and small, was every bit as genuine in love as any other big wedding. They fought hard to be where they were, and are still fighting everyday. I'm sure everyone knows the hardships queer couples are faced with, especially when trying settle down. Our world is still filled with prejudice, and fundamentally we can't change that.
What we can change is the way we act and support each other. Allies, please be there for your queer friends, sometimes all they need is somebody to listen. And to my LGBQT ++ friends, stay strong and keep fighting!

Must. Kill. Aresssss!!!!

I miss lazy days when I can just stay in bed all day.

Sorry for not posting much, last week was a bad one. But I'm all better now :)

Hello ~
in a bit of an artblock, not really feeling like drawing any fanart lately and I don't really have any cons to sell at soon, so i just drew me as at tourist when we went to ilocos :) If you have any requests this would be the best time to make them ~

Take a break from "Welcome to the Madness " and remember that our sweet russian fairy looked like this~ part 3/3

Btw THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 10k FOLLOWERS! It's so surreal to think about, that 10 thousand people ?? clicked that follow button? For me ??? On that note, friends of mine have been bugging me to do a giveaway or something to "mark this milestone", and I do want to do something special as a thanks to all of you, sooo if you'd like for me to do that, or if you have any suggestions other than a giveaway that I can do, comment down below :) and thanks again for all the support!

Viktor in his Stay close to me outifit ~
Part 2/3

I don't like how this one turned out much haha
Btw OMG guys I'm almost at 10k followers !!! I can't process that information @_@

Eros ~ part 1/3

I seriously want season 2 already
:( YOI was that last anime I've watched. I feel like I'm dissapointing my younger otaku self. I also havent read any books yet this year?? Like what @_@

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