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Sara Fletcher  I see weird things...they're everywhere...

I'm in love with this jar @knowtheknuge found. Not only is it wicked put k rock and kinda like when you hang the US flag upside down as an SOS, but it will remind me of @knowtheknuge while she is out in the farms helping baby goats get birthed and living the high life. I live you, Kayli. Goodbyes are hard, but hellos are forever.

A good sign your in a bar that understands you as a patron. The beer is A+ and the staff is more than top notch. Thank you @toronado_seattle

Happiness is a Pearl in your palm! A Pearl Extracts cartridge, that is! #pearlextracts

That guy on the far left? That's my dad. He empowered my mom, my sister @volfstash and I to be super women! He was a huge advocate of woman and was a sucker for the lines of a nude female back. One hell USA a man. Thanks to all the dad's who helped to empower their daughters and wives! #happyinternationalwomensday

Say hello to CandyLand.... Grandaddy purple crossed with girl scout cookies, cuz sometimes you need to melt the day away. #boom #solstice @dockside_cannabis #candyland

If life gives ya lemons.... Cut a hole in them and fuck 'em. Thanks @jackparow #mantra

@missyeahoe In homage to my fave lady rapper. You emanate feminine energy and I wanna smoke you out the next time yer in Seattle! Thanks for inspiring my embroidery. @runthejewels #ihearyoubitchestalkingloud #butyouaintsayinshit #lola #yeahhoe

We ate a crab tonight. Today was Nick'n'Sara day. We honored it with the life of crustacean and much butter and lemon #amen

Childhood happy place rediscovered. #holyshityum

When you crack open a notebook you haven't written in in awhile and are instantly amused by your own doodles

This is me and @nicholas_fits laying down on hold one of flatstick's MI I golf course in Seattle. #goodpeople #goodfun #goodbuds #goodpeople #nakedcitybrewery

I really like this mani but am silly bored so I'm gonna paint em again.... #nailartjunkie #nailporn #mani #primarycolors @butterlondon #fletchklentch

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