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Sara Fletcher  I see weird things...they're everywhere...

@farwestcannabis will be at Dockside Shoreline from 4-6 spinning vinyl and answering questions. All Far West will be marked down 20% during the event! Come hang out!

So I just recieved an order from solardust.com and not only did I recieve my Liquid Crystal paint, they also sent me a coupon and a packet of mystery glitter (pictured above) which I am TOTALLY going to put on my nails VERY soon. If you are a glitterophile, check out their website. If you are an eclectic crafter, check out their website. If you are a nail artist, check out their website. Thanks, solardust.com!

One of these mega babes is my boyfriend @nicholas_fits .... Turns out we had the same taste in lipstick shades in high school.

When you walk in and yer guy is watching the Hulk vs Macho Man randy fucking Savage wrestle mania #5... "... Cam down, Sara." I can't! #wrestlemania5

Cutting my pigtails with a peanut.

@butterlondon so much Butter.... But they have the best glitter and I feel it is best represented with movement and my outside light. #glitter #fletchklentch #butterlondon #sparkle

Always ALWAYS save any naked pics you take of yourself. You are a hot human being and when you are old and droopy you will want to look back and remember the good (*firm*) times. #schittscreek

I'm in love with this jar @knowtheknuge found. Not only is it wicked put k rock and kinda like when you hang the US flag upside down as an SOS, but it will remind me of @knowtheknuge while she is out in the farms helping baby goats get birthed and living the high life. I live you, Kayli. Goodbyes are hard, but hellos are forever.

A good sign your in a bar that understands you as a patron. The beer is A+ and the staff is more than top notch. Thank you @toronado_seattle

Happiness is a Pearl in your palm! A Pearl Extracts cartridge, that is! #pearlextracts

That guy on the far left? That's my dad. He empowered my mom, my sister @volfstash and I to be super women! He was a huge advocate of woman and was a sucker for the lines of a nude female back. One hell USA a man. Thanks to all the dad's who helped to empower their daughters and wives! #happyinternationalwomensday

Say hello to CandyLand.... Grandaddy purple crossed with girl scout cookies, cuz sometimes you need to melt the day away. #boom #solstice @dockside_cannabis #candyland

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