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Brogan  Follow my new instagram @brogan_cyrzon Coach Newcastle, Australia

Start. Middle and the end of 18.1 eyes closed and just trying to push, the one thing I would change is having my equipment closer. But with no pressure of competing its one and done this year.
So much fun to do this along side everyone that trains @the_concept_sdc and looking forward to the next 4 weeks πŸ‘Š

Had to upload this photo. From our 12 days of christmas workout. Have a great new years everyone.
πŸ“Έ: @monkeymyers1

No dropping the bar on my head today! Push press x2 @110kg followed by sets @100kg

And to finish with our workout of the day
40, 30, 20, 10
Power snatch
Shoulder to overhead

The shoulder pump was real! If you're interested in progressing in your training and getting coached by some of the best in newcastle then get in contact with the @the_concept_sdc

Since I normally only post lifts that I get...heres a failure πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ my lock out was feeling slow today

This is a pretty confronting post to make. And only a few people know, but a few years a go I ended up in hospital on a drip, shaking and throwing up all night.
Things can seem fine on the outside but it's still a constant battle. Help raise awareness thats it's ok to speak

Help a friend. #ruok #suicideprevention #helpamate #itaintweaktospeak

New strength program starting on the 8th of May! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ I don't deadlift often but when I do...200kg for 4 then 3x4 at 180kg

Something you will see more often in the upcoming sttength program. It's the perfect time to be getting strong in the sport of fitness. So lets get ready to smash records and gain some serious strength πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Done the @crossfitgames open workout 17.3 this morning, I managed 1 snatch at 102kg/225#, happy with this since this since this has not been a priority for me along with some shoulder issues.
Thanks for the video @lukebunder
@the_concept_sdc @clockwork_bodies @asnhunter

Ended training doing some handstands with @jenhoy2 from the @newcastlejetswomen. Although soccer is her focus this is a great example of how even elite athletes crosstrain as part of their work. We can all push ourselves beyond our individual comfort zones by attempting new things and pursuing activities that keep the fun in our daily grind.

@theconcept1932 @clockwork_bodies

I saw someone post this this morning, and it's something that really resonates with me. Yes having your own business can be very tiring but the awesome thing is you get to surround yourself with great people. They're the ones that will stay around give advice and help out when they can.
And with that it just seems to attract more positive people. Keep pushing and do what you love.
@theconcept1932 @clockwork_bodies @alchemyinst

From todays strength bias program, todays complex 5 sets of 1-3 strict muscle ups, 1-3 muscle ups 3-6 strict ring dips. Absolutely fried now! @clockwork_bodies @theconcept1932 @asnhunter

The goal when training for strength is to vary the way you stress your body. Always just adding more load/volume can stress your system too much and lead to over training. Here are some higher volume paused squats to change the stimulus. Whilst the RPE was still high the load was low.
How does your training look?
@clockwork_bodies @theconcept1932 @asnhunter

Something a little different from all of the fitness posts...some amazing BBQ by @adriano_rossi_newcastle with a guest pose of dog in the background wanting all of the food...

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