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I met up with some good friends of mine that I have not seen in about a year. They took me out to dinner and my surprise a birthday cake came out. My birthday is in September and it’s only the end of April! Now I call that a surprise birthday party! 1年ぶりに会った友達にご飯招待されびっくりすることに誕生日ケーキが出てきました(^.^)本当のサプライズだな!

Does anybody have the same problem as me. I can’t fix this apple bug problem and have. Or had the chance to go to an apple store yet. I’ve tried almost everything others suggested on the apple forum other than resetting my phone or uninstalling my email account off the phone, which I don’t really want to do. I changed my SIM card onto an older iphone I had and the same problem happened on the other phone as well. So it’s definitely not an issue with my phone and the current settings. This is so frustrating. Please respond if you have any real advice and have gone through the same problem. Thank you very much

On April 10, I had the opportunity to be a special surprise guest for world famous designer Mr. Kenzo to celebrate his book release of his life story. One of his lifelong friends Ms Junko Koshino who has also been a friend of mine for over a decade called me late last month to ask if I could do a special performance with an outfit that she picked from her collection for me and my assistant @tokyoniconico It was a funky zippered jacket that Ms Junko insisted that I kept the zippers halfway open (see picture). Anyway, I made my surprise appearance on stage and created a special routine just for Mr. Kenzo and upon calling out his name… Junko walks up to the front of the stage and says to me Mr. Kenzo is not in the hall room so please wait to perform. Now you have to imagine that I have an entire crowd staring at me on stage and she asked me to just wait before moving on. Seconds seem like minutes and minutes seems like forever! Luckily I had some tricks up my sleeve to keep the audience engaged while we waited. So finally Mr. Kenzo makes his way a couple minutes later and we continue with the special showcase to celebrate his life with great success and a standing ovation! Wait wait wait… The audience was already standing! But I’ll consider it one :-) 4月10日にKoshino Junkoさんが主催した謙三の人生の書いた本の出版パーティーサプライズゲストで僕マジックやってくれないかお願いされました。僕は順子さんともう10年以上の付き合いで頼まれたもんだから喜んで健三さんのパーティーマジックオリジナル考えていきました。だが面白い話があります、最初のマジック終わった後に数百人のお客さんの前で僕は今日健三さんのオリジナルマジック作ってきました健三さんはどこですかって聞いたところ全然返事がなかったです。すると順子さんが舞台の前に来て今健三さん部屋にいないから待ってって言われました、(°▽°)は〜もうマジックショーすでに始まってたのにみんなに見られてるのに待ってって言われててすごい困っちゃいました。でも数分ほど僕はお客さんといじって時間があっという間に過ぎてしまってけんぞさんがやっと戻ってきました!(^.^)このイベントはKoshino Junkoさんがコレクションから選んだ着のジャケットそして僕のアシスタントニキのドレスも履いてパフォーマンスやりました。だいぶ盛り上がってみんな最後スタンディングオベーションしてくれました…ちょっと待ってちょっと待って…もう既にみんな建てたからスタンディングオベーションにならないね @kenzo @junkokoshino #fashion #magic #cyrilonline #cyrilmagic

There’s nothing better than enjoying a beautiful sunset. #lifegifts

To all my friends who are going to go watch the Bruno Mars concert in Tokyo tonight… Sorry I cannot be there with you! But I had the opportunity to watch Bruno live on December 31 in Las Vegas and had pretty sweet seats. Sorry I kept that a secret and did not post anything back then. Not only am I a huge fan of his music… He is such a great performer and I guarantee everyone who goes tonight going to have a blast! Have fun y’all #brunomarsconcert #bruno

Had an event last night in Tokyo before taking flight to Bangkok. Unfortunately I have no photos of my performance or event to showcase right now so my time is all messed up. However I was able to take this one photo in the dressing room. So when I get more photos from the clients later… This will be continued. #mysterypost #tobecontinued

Had an amazing local meal at #khaobangkok hosted by @bo_achi whom whom I had a lovely evening chatting with. Thank you and see you soon. @m23w #bangkok #songkran

Wagyu taste testing at #wagyumafia tonight. #nobeefnolife🐮 #foodporn

Enjoying a nice cup of coffee as well sneezing my ass off… #whenwillhayfeverend

It’s been years since I’ve made French toast… Glad to know that I was still able to make a good batch! 何年ぶりにフレンチトーストを挑戦しました( ◠‿◠ )

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