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✏️✒Crochet Pattern Designer🖌🖍🖊  Rachele crochets in Texas ❣🐓🕊🐥🐥🐥🐣❣ • CypressTextiles.net • Tag me #cypresstextiles • Browse my finished works #CyTexFO • Find all my new content! 👇🏻👇🏻


Fun fact: my free Hexagon Burst Blanket is downloaded on Craftsy an average of 100 times every single day, sometimes up to 200 times. This blows my mind!! If you are making one, hashtag #hexagonburstblanket so I can see! Add your project to Ravelry and show it off. ❤️Thanks for all the support! Head to the link in profile to see where to find me on the web. 😍😍 #Crochet #Hexagon #Scheepjes #colourcraftervelvet #velvetyarn #scheepjesvelvet

Have you ever used (or participated in) a crochet workshop featuring my patterns? I receive occasional requests for use of my patterns in workshops, and now I'm curious how all these classes are going. If you've used (or seen) one of my patterns for a workshop, email me: CypressTextiles@gmail.com - I'd love to see and share photos! ❤️❤️🔥🔥 #crochet #crochetworkshop #cypresstextiles #haken #virka #ganchillo #OffsetCirclesBlanket #multicolor

Check out some of the beauties featured in my latest blog post highlighting the three patterns I have converted to freebies for this month's theme: Autumn Refresh. I've decided to take a break this month from pushing new content, and just really take a look at my existing body of work. Where can I improve? What can I reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose? And it's been a lovely trip down memory lane and a nice peek at the pieces y'all have made from these 3 patterns. Thanks to all you crafters for always supporting! Click link in profile for Crafter site to see the patterns. ❤️Support my free content by heading to Patreon.com - link in profile❤️ - #GumballBlanket #FourSquareBlanket #WildflowerBlanket - #crochet #freecrochetpattern #haken #virka #ganchillo

In my best Rafiki voice: The king has returned! 🦁🦁🦁 Witness the dog-pile that occurs when daddy comes home from three weeks offshore. So great to have him back - it's exhausting without my teammate! ❤️❤️ #watchingemojimovie 😍😩😜😘😁

#fbf to 2013: the iPhone 3 camera, our old carpeting, and one of the best blankets I ever made. This is #GeometricLaceBlanket No. 21 out of the 47 I've made over the years. (Patt on Ravelry!) These colorplay blankets were a complete joy to make. And I miss filling the half-hex sides this way! I used to do a round where I did like a Catherine's Wheel type move in the half-hex spaces instead of making separate half hexie motifs. Only really works for small hexies, but love the look!❤️❤️ #crochet #haken #virka #ganchillo #geolace #hexagon #multicolor

Newest #VVCAL blanket complete - HOTH! This one is KnitPicks Palette yarn. (Buy it here! https://buff.ly/2kK6gzp - Aff.) The patterns are all free (33 different squares, joining method options, wide Lace border) - just search "VVCAL Main" on the web and you'll find the blog post with all the linky love 😁❤️Support my free content! Newest cool thing: put your name in the hat to win the Autumn Blues blanket - just $5! Click the Patreon page on my link in profile ❤️🔥🔥 #crochet #handmade #knitpicks #haken #virka #ganchillo #crochetblanket #blanket #freecrochetpattern

Collaboration love!! This is the CypressTextiles Tester Tribe collab blanket, "Tiny Garden," in my upcoming collection of blanket patterns, ShadeTree. The first issue features patterns inspired by the artwork and nature photography of Jessica @VanillaLemonCake 😍😍 If you're a $1/mo. patron (Patreon link in profile), then you saw the sneak peek of ShadeTree already - I'm so happy with how it's coming along. I'll be joining this piece with a Continuous Flat Braid Join, which I've added to my YouTube channel (link in profile) to build my joining method tutorial library. Exciting! Thanks to everyone for your support and hope you're enjoying all the crochet funsies as much as I am! Blanket contributors with motifs in this progress pic - Tester Tribe members: Irene @irene_rijk, Iris @southernbellecrochet, Gwen @stitchgwen, Kaelyn @iiirdwind, Carol @the.hoosier.crocheter, Teresa @teresadailydavis, Andrea @greigaldi, Tiffany @tifersarie, Robyn @4_ply_designs, and Andrea VanDenBroeke ❤️❤️❤️ #crochet #ganchillo #haken #ct_testertribe #virka #scheepjes #catonadenim

Sweet-Fire palette is coming along! I'm out of the fire and into the sweet shades as I finish this super speedy design - a Hexagon Month freebie that straggled behind a bit!! Expect Cozy Flowers free pattern next week, and catch part 1 of this lightning-fast join on my YouTube channel - visit link in profile. 🔥🔥Patreon page launched today as well - thank you to those who have pledged already! Your $5 will win you a chance to get a blanket made by me with a drawing each month! Imagine a lovingly handmade blanket for $5??? Go check it out! This month it's the beautiful Autumn Blues blanket 😍😍😍 pledge $5 to get your name in the hat as well as sneak peek photos and design on the fly videos, plus all $5 patrons get their own code for 20% off in my Ravelry pattern shop - only for Patrons! I want to make it worth it for you lovely lot to help support my free content - it goes a long way - Thank you!! ❤️❤️ #crochet #hexagon #virka #haken #ganchillo #CozyFlowersBlanket #scheepjes #catona #sweettreatyarn

Look at the beautiful color palette Mary of @craftygoodnesscrochet is using to make my new pattern Autumn Blues blanket. Hurray for Hexagon Month!! All the heart eyesssss 😍😍😍 Always tag #cypresstextiles with your WIP or FO - I love seeing them ❤️ - Oh! And my Patreon page goes live tomorrow - I already have some yummy exclusive content posts including 2 design on the fly videos and sneak peeks! Head to my Patreon page at the link in profile to see how you can support my free content and also receive awesome rewards! #crochet #virka #haken #ganchillo #AutumnBluesBlanket #craftygoodnesscrochet

Took time last night to go over the past year's accomplishments, and start setting 2018 goals. Scrolled back to find this beauty that I finished in October last year for YARN bookazine, issue 3 - the Amazon Blanket 🍂🍃🌿🍃🍂 - Read about my Goal Setting Sesh on the blog link in profile ❤️❤️ #crochet #virka #haken #ganchillo #amazonblanket #scheepjes #softfunyarn #softfun

Give me 5 more minutes to squeeze this yarn before I continue with my to-do list, mkay? (Yes I planned the pattern for this yarn within an hour of receiving it) 😍😍 @scheepjes #RiverWashed #RiverWashedXL #scheepjes #yarnlove #yarnporn ------Browse: http://bit.ly/2yb9AtE (aff)

Visit my website via the link in my profile to find out why you need a food scale ASAP! I use mine every day since I bought it. It sits right next to my hooks and scissors, because it's proven to be just as important! ❤️❤️❤️#Scheepjes #catona #sweettreatyarn #crochet #haken #virka #ganchillo

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