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Aussie Fun fact: At around 9.30pm Australian east coast time the sun will cross into the Northern hemisphere & we won't bask (nor roast) in her full-on warmth until late September. Today is the the Autumnal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, our daylight time equalling our nighttime time ( 🌞💛🌝 ) .... so. Shorter days and longer nights, lower temperatures and HURRAh the wearing of 🐑jumpers ~ my favourite garment : )

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

'Mine went a little haywire
at the crest of the road, on whose other side
you lay in blossom.
As if your purpose were to defibrillate me
with a thousand electrodes,
one volt each.'
Lucia Perillo

Spent four hours cleaning the pond today, amongst other things. Back killing me. Everything killing me. Hands like little shrivelled things. Sunburnt. Brain asleep. Need wine. Need love. Need something to scrub the slime off. Need wine. Neeeeed wiiiiiiinnneeee. Red of Hawthorn, purple of Aggies. Looks pretty. You get the idea. *drops dead of exhaustion dreaming of patch in Tassie with a Big Lawn and NO garden*

I'll take March in country Victoria over April in Paris any old year ❤️

Monday morning.
The sound of cockatoos munching on ripe hawthorn berries drifts in through the open window.
I'm trying almond milk in my coffee.... for the last time 😆
Emptied the first dead mouse of the year from the mouse-zapping machine earlier 🐀⚡️⚰️
Apparently I've gained 3kg overnight.
Dreamt last night that I was trying to get myself and a pile of luggage down an elevator but just couldn't coordinate everything and make it out. Ah, those dreams of getting stuck whilst trying to moooove forward. Love those dreams *rolls eyes*.
And that's my day so far. #standbyformorescintillatingnewsfromFoss #ornot #om

attempt to capture kangaroos a bit so-so, but the sound of the magpies makes up for it ☺️

me : contented
Freddy : contented
thank-you @bespokeian @simong9
#puppytherapy #💙

the long, slow, goodbye kiss of Summer . . .

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