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Double the cute. #friends

Slide fail.

In my next life, I think I could handle coming back as one of these guys.

Weekends are made for exploring. What a perfect country we live in to do exactly that. #latergram #canada150 @viamederesort

This post is brought to you by loud wallpaper, leather baby shoes, owl smocks and cheeky sisters. #theseventies #tbt

I have forgotten how joyful, energizing, & mesmerizing watching dance is. If you have a dance community in your city - go out and support it. #tdt #torontodancetheatre #emergingvoices #christopherhouse

Cold isn't completely gone but it's a million times better. Thanks to @shabs28 and @jordy_hair for putting me together.

Today I realized that for every moment you think "Wow! I have this parenting thing down!" there are at least five moments where you are like "Holy crap, I have no idea what I'm doing." I just had one of those mornings where everything went wrong. It started when I asked my son to throw out his granola bar wrapper to which he responded "No YOU throw it out." So there were some time-outs, there was me putting toys outside "for the nicer kids in the neighbourhood", there were some tears and eventually, the wrapper was put in the garbage. By him. Now I am exhausted but also slightly proud that he did the right thing. I think that's basically the key to parenting: you have to put up with some garbage so you can have those moments of pride. Anyways, I happened to notice this sweet sticker on the filthy road and I thought it was somehow a fitting image for this post. That's all for now. I am sick and going back to bed.

Throwback to that time when Harry Potter came on our show and all I could think about was how nice it would be to go have a pint with him. #niceguy #danielradcliffe #tbt

After years of being woken up by "MOMMY!!", this morning I woke up to him quietly doing this. #myboyisgrowingup

Perfecting the art of the smize with @teddypwilson #BellAltTV

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