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This is me at my 4th birthday. There were no goody bags, no decorations (except for the cheesy hat), and no other kids there (except for my sister). And I had a great time in that pink dress. I was thinking about that birthday because my son turns 4 very soon and for a few moments I contemplated organizing a party. But then I was getting stressed out and had to ask myself, "Who in the hell am I doing this for?" My son has no idea about parties yet and he will be just as happy with a cake and a new lego. This is just a reminder to all you moms out there who think they have to plan and organize a big thing for their kids: by all means do it if it brings YOU pleasure. But if it doesn't, just remember your child will be just as happy celebrating with YOU. (And maybe a hat and cake and lego). #tbt #findyourpleasure

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There’s no question that for some people, a marriage sabbatical may just be prolonging an inevitable split. But for others, the separation might just be the thing that brings that couple closer together. Have you ever considered a break in your relationship? Share your story in the comments below and read more by clicking link in bio.

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Celebrating the magic of cherry blossoms is really about celebrating the fragile impermanence of life. Read more by clicking on the link in bio.
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My son told me this morning that his favourite Star Wars character is Rey and my work here is done the end.

Oh you know, just out for a little Sunday drive. #hotwheels

Seeing these boys play today reminded me of my childhood. You remember those days when you went exploring and lost track of time? As my son wandered through thick foliage and I occasionally momentarily lost sight of him, I took deep breaths and reminded myself of how incredibly important getting lost in nature is for building little hearts and minds.

I still can't believe that you're gone.

Me, my sister and Cookie Monster. #tbt 💙💙💙


There is something so special about kid art.

Sporty spices.

Hey girl(s)...

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