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Off to the Cape today #lastdaysofsummer

This little leaf may not look like much but today it fluttered down gently before me and forced me to look up and see the sky and the majestic trees and feel the air around me. Instead of focussing on the never ending god awful hill I was climbing as part of today's hike. Thanks @thehikingsociety for organising.

Stunning morning. #melbourne

Stunning day for walking. Thanks to @thehikingsociety for inspiration.

Look at those paws! Hard to get out of bed this morning. #bluethegroodle #dogsofmelbourne

It's a blue blue sky here today. #summer

That's a road trip! #katatjuta

More majesty. #Uluru #katatjuta

Kuniya waterhole after the rains. Serene. #uluru

Starting the year here. Sunrise. Actual awe #Uluru

My plants look so happy in the shower. I don't have the đź’što move them so we can wash. #plantlove