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✨ Babygirl ✨  "Her emotions are the loudest when she’s silent.” -r.h. Sin 🔒

“A dreamer” that’s all she was. ✨🌒💋

Family isn’t always about blood, but who can be a light on the dark days. 🌸💕✨

“A soft woman is simply a wolf caught in meditation” -Pavana 🐺🌒❣️

“he flooded her thoughts every second of every day and she didn’t know how to swim but that was okay” -m.j ♥️

“You’re healing, and that terrifies them. They’ve never met a woman who can break several times and put herself together using nothing but self love.”

“She’s whisky in a teacup.” ☕️🙈🙉🙊

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

Drop of Jupiter 🎼🎧💫

Darlin’ ♥️♦️♠️♣️

Only a week away 🥰♥️🛫

“Part of her mystery is how she is calm in a storm and anxious in the quiet.” -JsStorm

Happy birthday baby brother, love you. ❤️

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