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Isabel  Sole creator of Noodle Times 🍜 handmade from start to finish, Unit F Collective, Normal Girl Collective

Hey ya noodles! I know I’ve been mia lately but I’ve been out in the world working on lots of new projects with lots of my favorite people and this is one of them! I’m happy to be apart of this amazing group and more info will be up soon! In the mean time definitely check out the main page @normalgirlcollective and we will keep ya’ll posted on events in the near future! 🌟
Artwork by the great @alofagould

Proud member of a great collective, Unit F (@unit_f_) will have our first discussion today and I’m excited to show some new work to some very special and very rad people! Starting the new year off with a bang 💥 #noodlelife

HAPPY NEW YEAR NOODLES! It’s been a super eventful year for me, I went to the TJ Zine Fest and sold alone for the first time at the San Diego Zine Fest! Made lots of rad pals at Papercuts! Helped run a zine workshop and participated in lots of art shows for my personal work! Every year has it’s ups and downs and this year was no different but we’re just going to keep riding high here! Hope you Noodles are safe out there and we’ll keep at it in 2018! NOODLE TAKEOVER! #noodlelife #noodletimes

Here are my #2017bestnine! I made this account a couple months ago and I’m super grateful to all of you for following me here and for liking my stuff! 2018 is gunna be so rad and we’re all gunna noodle it up!! After this week I’ll be posting more exciting stuff so stay tuned! 🍜🍜 #noodletimes #noodlelife

A huge huge thank you to @pizzajono for doing a review of Noodle Times Vol. 2.5 yesterday! Also fun fact: Noodle Times is part of the Long Beach Public Library Zine Collection! They have most of Noodle Times, so if ever you’re in the area make sure to stop by and get a good read! 🍜 #noodlelife #noodletimes

Hey Noodles! So holiday season is upon us and I know it can be weird for some out there but I wanna make it less weird and offer up the idea of sending you some greeting cards! I usually send cards to my friends and I thought I’d extend the invitation to you Noodles out there! If you’re interested in getting a card let me know and if you wanna get real fancy we can even be pen pals if you so please 🖊🖊 yes I’m a dork 🤓 but this dork wants to send you a card! #noodlelife

Thank you to @ith_ed for sending me this yesterday! Don’t forget to tag #noodlelife and #noodletimes on all your noodle stuff! That way we can take over the Noodle Life tag 🍜🍜🍜 Also a big thank you to everyone sending me photos and mentioning me in their stories! You have no idea how much that means to me! I never thought Noodle Times would even sell one copy but I’m glad you all enjoy it and I hope to keep spreading my noodle stuff with ya’ll 🍜🌟🍜🌟🍜🌟

So much love to @chachmcd for sharing her little goodies I sent the other day! Don’t forget to tag me in all your noodle merch!! Also to those I sent goodies too, you got the first of a new Noodle design so let me know if you like them and want to see them as buttons!! 🍜🍜🍜 #noodlelife

Since there is a lot of new peeps following me here I thought I’d do an introduction of myself! My name is Isabel or Cyco Bandita as I like to call myself, I’ve been doing this Noodle thing for about four years now. I started out because @stimeyluv1 told me to make something for the San Diego Zine Fest in 2013 and since then I haven’t stopped and that brings us here today! I love to make things so I have buttons and stickers along with my zines and I have a lot of prototypes of mix media pieces I’d like to incorporate with Noodle Times as well. I go by Cyco Bandita because I’ve claimed that name since I was about 13 and it still resonates with me today. I am an artist and a student and my main focus is photography but I do love all kinds of art. Noodle Times is my main zine series but I am in the middle of changing my zines. There is a lot of ideas I’m constantly working on but zines and photography will always be at the forefront of my work. I know that’s a lot for an introduction haha but that’s it for now, thanks for joining me here! You’re all noodles now! Welcome to the #noodlelife 🍜

I did a secret release at Papercuts of the newest Noodle Times Vol. 4 but never fear if you’d like to get your hands on a copy just let me know and I’ll make sure these tiny hands do a personal delivery to you (or just my regular hands if you are anti-tiny hands) ✋🏼🖐🏽 #noodletimes #noodlelife

Had a lot of fun at the Papercuts show on Saturday @thehillstreetcountryclub thank you to everyone who stopped by! I’m so stoked on all the new zines and new pals I made! Ya’ll are the raddest! ✂️✂️✂️ Also tag those who are missing cause I don’t know everyone’s instagram yet! #noodlelife

Dope stuff is happening in my town and ya’ll should participate!! Go follow these rad people @thehillstreetcountryclub @transitoryexistence and also if you have a few bucks give it to a good cause over @backfencesociety so there can be a rad place for all the local creatives to keep making dope work!! Edit: Also if you’re hoping to make some masks it’ll be Oct. 28th 11-2pm!

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to @sdzinefest yesterday! I had a blast hanging out and sharing my Noodle items with you all! I’m excited to continue sharing my journey and I hope the joys of yesterday can help this Monday go by faster! Also a little goober made it’s way into my heart yesterday and has joined the ranks of lucky relics 🌟 #noodletimes #noodlelife

THE DAY HAS COME! @sdzinefest
come by and check us out in the back! We got a new button out and a possible preview of Noodle Times Vol. 4 🍜 #noodlelife #noodletimes

I can’t believe @sdzinefest is already tomorrow!! Crazy how time files but I’m super excited!! Don’t worry if you can’t make it tomorrow just stop by on Sunday and see me and pick up some Noodle Times! It’s two days of rad zines and even cooler panels! I’ll see ya’ll Sunday!! #noodletimes #noodlelife

I’m very excited to announce that ya noodle girl is gunna be selling at this years @sdzinefest !!! I’m super excited to table this year! It’s gunna be a crazy week and I already feel a little sleepy but come by! It’s gunna be a rad two day event and I’ll be there Sunday! Come and support your noodle girl 🍜 #noodlelife #noodletimes

A big big thank you to everyone that came out yesterday! Never fear if you missed out yesterday, I know there will be more workshops to come maybe even at your local birthday party or coffee shop! I'm excited to put on more events in the future and I'm excited to keep sharing my little zine secrets with ya'll! If you were a participant yesterday definitely share your rad zines and don't forget to tag me! So much love to @mccsjec for having me!! #noodlelife

The flyer I have been promising for a week now is finally here for your eyeballs! Chicanx Zine Workshop this coming Tuesday at Mira Costa in Oceanside! Come make zines with me! #noodlelife

Kind of feeling a little like a shell of a person lately cause all I literally do is go to school and work so it's been tough but I am hosting a workshop in a couple days and I'll be tabling an event too! Fingers crossed that Noodle Times Vol. 4 can be ready for ya'll! 🤞🏽 #noodletimes #noodlelife

So when I'm not making zines, I'm out in the world trying to be this thing called an artist (?) I showed this piece today the @alleyartfestival and it was fun. I also am showing some work @milkorganics as part of their Chicanx exhibition (@backfencesociety )so yeah just another part of my little life for you noodles #noodlelife #cycobandita

Throwback to last year when I was tabling at #Papercutz and my little cat friend was excited to help me bind zines #noodlelife #noodletimes

Here's an old time lapse video of me making some buttons with a little cat friend of mine, alongside my zines I sell a couple of buttons as well and they either are directly relate to Noodle Times but not always #noodlelife

Sorry for the lack of posting fellow noodles, I've been trying to work my schedule out to have time to noodle around but I kind of just feel like Gob, soon enough though I'll be back at it because this noodle will be tabling a special event soon! #noodlelife #noodletimes

Less than a year ago Noodle Times Vol. 3 came to fruition, after spending so much time at one school it's going to be good to get a change in scenery but it'll be a challenge taking on the unknown. Here's to all of us starting school and those watching the eclipse tomorrow, pull out your noodle times and know that it'll be okay even if it's weird at first 🍜 #noodletimes #noodlelife

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