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Back in November, Scott McMann captured this image during the first minute of racing at Logos Land, Cobden, Ontario. I started that race strong, got blown out by @matteoadalcin @derrickstjohn and @bakkerstrailblazers7268 , but stayed mentally tough enough to hold off my chaser, Doug Van den Ham. In the photo, I look like I’m totally in my element, and in that moment, I was. I didn’t have the horsepower to hold onto the pace Matteo set, and maybe I shouldn’t have tried. But I did, and that what I’m going to keep doing. That’s why I slog through two trainer sessions each day all winter, working to attain the lean form I’ve never had, but know I can. I’ve got my eye on April, then a summer of cx training to line me up for an exciting fall of international races in eastern Canada. I love the process, I love the feeling, however seldom, of being in control of what I’m doing in races. Little by little I’m chipping away, driving toward the ultimate goal of developing a degree of mastery of this wild and wonderful sport. Maybe it’ll happen by the time I’m 45, maybe by 50, maybe never. As long as I’m having fun with the process, I’ll keep on striving. And as winter unfolds, this photo will remind me of how awesome cyclocross is, and how much potential we all have to make it even better! Many thanks to everyone, from friends, to family, local shop owners, fellow riders, event organizers, and the fantastic sponsors who help me pursue my passion and drive to both continuously improve and share my love for the sport, as weird as it might seem to the outside observer. @girocycling @wovenprecision @kogel_bearings @absoluteblack.cc @brodiebikes @compasscycle @madalchemy @silca_velo // #lifedeathcyclocross #cyclocross #cxlife #gogiro #wovenprecision #terrainlab #ovalthis #romax #teknecc #teknecycling

This bike is old, obsolete, and horribly heavy. It is also simple, reliable, and fantastically fun....when conditions are right. Today conditions were terrific on the #SJAM and #prisontrails , and riding with @mikefreeves was a treat. So happy to have put in a couple nice fatbike rides early this winter to remind me how much fun it can be. Happy holidays, I hope you all get outside and enjoy yourselves! #fatbike #surlypugsley #vintageshimano #45nrth #teknecc #teknecycling #rideoutside

Wooo! First time to Larose Forest today with a bunch of the guys, what a hoot! I didn’t want to mess with our rhythm by stopping for photos mid-ride, but if I had, I’d have captured one of the dirt spines! No joke, there are a couple of epic ones, like 8 feet high! I’m going to put my @franktheweldervt hardtail back together just so I can shred this place! Thanks to @duckhuntmarc for the pic. #teknecc #teknecycling #gogiro #mtb #snirt #laroseforest #omba #shredfest

Man, did it ever feel good to ride outside today. My legs hurt like hell after my first gym session of winter on Thursday, but it didn’t matter. No ice, mostly warm body parts; good times. #offseason #dynamicdirtduo #brodie #ovalthis #terrainlab #wovenprecision #compasstires #teknecycling

This sort of thing doesn’t get the average cyclist going, but hey, I’m not aiming to be average. I finally got a pair of @sealskinzinsta ‘thin’ merino-insulated waterproof socks for use in my road shoes. They fit perfectly in the fresh @girocycling #EmpireSLX kicks that arrived at the end of road season. While laces are tough to adjust mid-ride, they flexibility they offer to accommodate a wide range of volume makes them the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned. I can’t wait to see what magic @andrealesiaemery does with them over the winter! The medium weight SealSkinz have been key players for me on numerous occasions, and these new ones have a gripper on the inside of the cuff that is meant to seal out water from the top. Will this allow my to forego duct-taping them closed? Time will tell. #sealskinz #gogiro #giro #waterproofsocks #slxappeal #foulweathergear #mattrer

Before and after from today’s frozen mudfest in Almonte, a repeat of last year. I made a couple mistakes early on that saw me gapped by Osmond Bakker and Doug Van den Ham. @maximusrubarthius and @keepingstephen put the power down and were riding strong, and the race became one of mud management. I swapped bikes midway, ran the course’s muddiest section, and kept the wheels turning for 3rd. Could have been worse, that’s for sure! 3rd overall for the series, it’s been a great season. #lifedeathcyclocross #cxlife #brodie #dynamicdirtduo #wovenprecision #compasstires #ovalthis #terrainlab #yokozunamotoko

Covering my bases for tomorrow, the last cx race of the season. Below freezing temps after rain today...who knows what we’ll get. @horsteng spikes at the ready! #horstspikes #lifedeathcyclocross #cxlife #cyclocross #gogiro #vr90

Workin’ it. Sunday’s race in North Gower featured a fantastic descent that rolled great tape-to-tape! 📷 Mike Downey // #lifedeathcyclocross #cxlife #ovalthis #terrainlab #brodie #gogiro #wovenprecision

I’ve changed my mind: 29ers don’t have to suck. I spent 3 hours today on @feltbicyclescanada_spaso 2018 Edict 3 XC mountain bike, which I’m reviewing for @pedalmag // I lost interest in riding my 29er hardtail because it wasn’t fun enough to bother. The new crop of 29ers use longer front ends, slacker head angles, wider bars and lower bottom brackets. First impression: this bike is FUN and extremely capable. It climbs efficiently with great traction, and descends like an enduro bike. What’s more, I can manual it! I’m digging this new school vibe, well done, @feltbicycles ! Keep an eye out for the full review in a coming issue of Pedal. 📷 @p.lanthier // #fullsend #feltbikes #edict29 #xc29er #rockshox #pedalmag #productreview

First impression: PRO. Just unboxed a fantastic assortment of @horsteng stainless steel studs they were kind enough to send me for review. The mud phase of cyclocross season is upon us, and this array will cover all bases, including ice, should we get some later this month. The Horst Engineering folks are passionate about cyclocross, and it really shows in the care they put into this package, rounded out by a dedicated socket wrench and threadlock. Everything fits into their case, ready for anything! Check out their IG account to see all the other rad machines parts they turn out of their shop in East Hartford, Connecticut. #horstengineering #lifedeathcyclocross #cxlife #matter #productreview #teknecycling #mudmudmud

It was a battle of will at Logos Land on Sunday, long straights of energy sucking grass separating islands of fun sections. I tried to hold onto Osmond Bakker to contest 3rd, but didn’t have it, and found myself in a man-on-man battle with Doug Van den Ham for the balance of the race. Doug had an issue with his prescription glasses, which opened the opportunity for me to get a gap, which he doggedly tried to close for at least 15 minutes. It was tough staying positive, but that was the name of the game....and pretty much never not pedaling. Ouch. Kudos to Doug for a very strong ride, it was all I could do to barely stay away. // 📷 @evelyngelion //#lifedeathcyclocross #cxlife #mudrace #terrainlab #ovalthis #wovenprecision #brodie #madalchemy #silca #gogiro

Old stuff, new stuff, organic and not.
Then it got muddy, and the racing was hot. #lifedeathcyclocross #cxlife #woodness #terrainlab #ovalrevolution #brodie #wovenprecisionhandbuilts #teknecc #teknecycling

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