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Scott Summers  Cyclops Leader of the X-Men Fighting for the dream that mutants and humans can coexist [The Elite Rp] Kik: paul_rp ♥Emma Frost♥

'We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.' That quite rang long and hard upon the mind of Scott Summers. It had been a busy and eventful day since the real of dawn. The attack had definitely caught them with their pants down, a sight Scott rather not see. The repairs have gone slow and the injured were being tended to. Scott sat alone atop a pile of rubble, peering out into the sunset.

What would this attack mean to them? Would they be forced to pick a side? Furthermore, the rest of the key members of his team were nowhere to be found. Most crucially of all, Emma had to leave on an important meeting. He had wished she would be here at such a critical moment but he understood that she had other commitments. He pondered upon the word that was on his mind. Hope

A feeling of expectation, of possibility, of better days. To Scott, those were the elements encapsulated within that word. He had longed for peace, for co-existence between human and mutant kind. Those days seemed few and far apart and the light at the end of the tunnel grew dim. But he chose to nonetheless hold steadfast to whatever hope that remained. He would not yield to the darkness nor be mastered by it. He would always choose to fight the good fight.

-An eruption shook the place and Scott was already out of bed, his heart pounding, mind racing as he thought and assessed the current situation. It took him only mere moments to dawn his uniform. He sped towards the site of the incident, which he assumed was an attack.

His thoughts and concerns are of the other x-men and the other heroes who reside in the mansion. "Damnit!" He cussed as he was greeted by the sight of the carnage and rubble. 'Cowards..' He thought as he considered that the attackers had already fled. He stopped before going down such a thought pattern, wanting to focus only on the children and the injured. He calmed himself and looked upon the carving, shaking his head in disbelief upon realizing the party that had just committed this atrocity.

The quiet mansion was now alive with life as mutants and humans hurried and bustled about to do whatever they could to fix the problem. 'Wont they leave us alone!' Scott muttered to himself, knowing despite this attack, a minor setback at most, would not derail him. He would not abandon his morals. He would still strive for peace and neutrality, to maintain a calm head in all this chaos, knowing that Mutantkind and his team assembled had it in them to overcome. (Open to people at the mansion) ((credits, appreciation and much love to @emmafrost_xxx for this edit which is almost as beautiful as she is.))

-It was finally Scott's turn to do a little patrolling tonight. His mind was preoccupied with the civil war and it's relation to Mutantkind. Ever alert to the possibilities, he never underestimated a quiet night for it can change in an instant. He swept around the city area, looking out for anything suspicious. (Open rp to anyone!)

"Good morning darling." Came the ever so soft and gentle voice of Scott Summers. He patiently awaited as Emma awakens to the sight of his provocatively inviting topless body showcased in front of her. He thought to turn the tables on his 'Juliet' this day and he was willing to go the distance to achieve it. He could see Emma curled up excitedly in her sheets as be suggestively toys with his belt, dying to relieve it of it's job. However, like all good things, this had to come with a little hype and tease. "You ready?" He beamed and asked blissfully. (@emmafrost_xxx) ((Happy Smexy Wednesday Elite!))

Another day, another routine for the ever energetic and charismatic mutantleader. Some people thought this a bore to train, train and train, but Scott was different, this kept him up and energetic. He entered the danger room with a clear routine in mind. "Run simulation 'mutant hostage'" he spoke into the computer as he felt a presence enter as well. "Care to join? He asked. ((Open))

-Danger Room, X-mansion. After allowing some time for them to settle down, Scott wanted to see for himself the reputation of his fellow new allies. Yes, they did declare themselves to be neutral, but a little training and sparring did keep one in shape. They could never be too sure when they would be attacked by either parties. Wade Wilson and Dinah Lance both had reputations of being the best merc and best hand to hand combatant respectively. Scott wanted to be wowed by them. He entered the danger room to see them already there. ((@spandexforhire @canarycry_ @__bane_ ))

-Scott and Emma stood at the gates, patiently awaiting the return of two of their former comrades and teammates. Scott was pleased that the team was slowly coming back together. At least there was some light beginning to be visible at the end of the tunnel for mutant kind, amidst all this chaos of the superhero civil war. Although Scott did declare neutrality for Mutantkind, they still had a chance or choice to disregard that but they chose to return to the x-men, for that he was honored. With Emma by his side, they confidently awaited the arrival of Rogue and Ororo. It wasn't long at all before a taxi pulled up the driveway... ((@emmafrost_xxx @rogue_x_men @goddessororo ))

-Scott had got up bright and early as always to enjoy the most of the fresh morning breeze and glaze of dew the morning had to offer. It gave him much serenity and calmness to start his day. He had always liked the gardens behind the x-mansion. It was so nicely done that it provided students and visitors alike a little escape away from the business of campus life. Today however was more special as compared to the normal visits to the garden. He had a companion, his lover to confide in while enjoying the garden. She has agreed to spend some time with him before starting their busy days. She looked stunningly fine as usual as she approached Scott, who was already on a bench. ((@emmafrost_xxx))

A vehicle pulled up at the X-mansion, the driver's door opened revealing Scott to be in the driver's seat. The other doors soon followed, as @emmafrost_xxx @spandexforhire and @canarycry_ all exit the vehicle. Scott had promised a home from all the fighting as a team of neutral heroes. "So, here we are. Welcome Wade, Dinah to the Xavier institute. Make yourselves feel at home." He said as they awaited potentially one more to join them. Scott had heard of this @__bane_ and wanted to see if he would join. ((Rp with tagged people.))

Scott stood alone in the balcony of the x-mansion, his mind body and spirit in indescribable shock at the recent events that had transpired. Everything seemed to have fallen out of control for someone who would always have things under control. It was a stark contrast, as though one between heaven and hell. All this happened within a week and he was left hanging on for dear life.
Part of him wanted to just let go, be free of who he was and everything he stood for an x-men, a leader and a Summers. The other part however, was more than ready to fight on, to stand firm for all that is right and just, to be the man and leader he was destined to be. Scott was hurt. Very hurt. Though outwardly he seemed fine, inwardly he was crumbling and crushed. Every bone, every femur, every vein felt shattered all over. Everything was out of place and this hasn't even begun to describe his heart.

-Scott was a guest tonight at one of the more popular late night talk shows. He had decided upon neutrality in the upcoming Government Registration Act and was offering shelter to all those who decided to be neutral. Unfortunately, this was only a short segment, so he was given little time to speak. "I choose to be neutral in all this because there is no reason for Mutant kind to engage in such a debate and potential bloodshed. Those who share the same ideals that registration is not the way and that resistance isn't one either, are free to join and seek shelter in the x-mansion. Fighting only makes things worse with the lost of lives. Is it really worth it all for a registration? That is the key question each one of us must answer.

Regardless of the day, it was business and training as usual for the Boy Scout. Scott never missed a day or a routine. More so ever now that a civil war is on the horizon. Regardless of his stance and position, he had to be ever ready. That's rule #1 every Eagle Scout should know: Always be prepared. He ran through his usual routines, sit-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, bench presses, dead lifts, you name them, he did them, as well as the usual danger room sessions. He was however a little rusty with all that time away from the mansion. Part of his uniform was caught in a blast, revealing much of his well built body. He signed at the end of it, and wondered what @emmafrost_xxx would think of this modification that he made. ((Happy SmexyWednesday)) #cyclops #xmen #eliterp #marvel #comics #smexywednesday #propertyofemmafrost

-Playful, cheeky and naughty were the words that would describe the mood Scott and Emma were in. It's been so so long since Scott had the time to spoil Emma with a little shopping. It was something she deserved for a long time now. He took time off today to promise her his undivided attention and hit whichever mall and shop she desired. As always, Scott had certain ideas or plans for every occasion. This one just happened to involve lingerie. This was one visit to the mall Scott would remember for awhile. ((@emmafrost_xxx))

-Scott had heard about this for a few good weeks now. This little anti-mutant group had been advertising their little gathering through fliers, posters and word of mouth. After seeing all that, Scott wanted to see what they are up to and what they have to say. He went there is a rather low-key civilian outfit, with a hoodie to top it off. As it began, he sat there and listened intently. To his surprised, not for from him stood a familiar face, one that he did not expect to see. Scott approached him and... ((Open to Non-mutants of New Age.))

-Scott was busy and hard at work, preparing the upcoming lessons for the new semester. He knew he would have to make it up to @official_hawkeye and @_wonder__woman___ when he saw them later but they would understand. Suddenly, he caught news of a runaway train with faulty breaks, speeding out of control. Knowing that most of the heroes are at the wedding, he rushed to the hanger, grabbed a black bird and flew straight for the disaster. Within moments, he was on flying just above the train. He knew this would be risky but he had to do it, there wasn't much time left. He descended the plane on to the train and clamped it to the X-jet. While sharing the same inertia, Scott jammed hard on the breaks, sending immense amounts of g-force through his body which just barely withstood it. Thankfully the train was brought to a hold and Scott left immediately before media could give him any attention.

-Bright early in the morning and the crimson-visored Scott Summers was already up and about. He had always believed in a disciplined, rigorous and hardworking lifestyle. The time he spent in the danger room was evident based on the physique of his well-built, toned and muscular body. He turned his head towards his bed only to see his lover only just getting out of bed. He smiles at the sight of her beauty. ((Smexywednesday pass or fail?)) #scottsummers #belongstoemma #cyclops #xmen #marvel #diamond > #phoenix

Scott continued to acclimatize himself to the mansion and people around it. He goes back to his usual routine of danger room sessions. With no surprise, he wasn't the only one today. He entered the control room only to see Laura slicing and dicing, being the efficient fighter that she is... ((@x_23_xmen))

-Scott sat alone in the war room, he wanted to catch up on whatever he missed in his time away. His mind could not rid himself of what he was told about Charles no longer being around for them. He was like a father figure to him, he was there for him when no one else was; at his lowest and youngest time. He thought about how life would be now without him. What of the x-men now? Many of them can't even be found. How about Scott himself? Would he be able to pick up where Charles left off? To carry on this legacy, this dream of human mutant coexistence. He buried his head into his hands in deep thought. ((Closed))

-Scott was happy to be back at the mansion, back with the x-men. He had high hopes as usual, lots of expectations and as per usual, he exuded the confidence of a leader. He was eager to meet whoever that was at the mansion. To his delight, his first would be an old familiar friend, Logan, the wolverine. ((Rp with @clawsandall ))

-At last, the time had come, cyclops had taken his time off in the solitude of the mansion, to think, to reflect and to ponder. There was alot of soul searching done in that time, about where he was, who he was and about the X-men and the leadership of them. There were things that he did that were wrong and things that he said that were wrong, but he was willing to learn and grow through them, to wrong what is wrong, to be the better man. Leadership was always a lonely position, 'leaders tend to make calls they sometimes regret and they would have to live with the guilt.' he reflected. He was willing to step up, to lead the x-men once again. The phoniex was still it there, and many had left. Scott had his work cut out for him...

-Scott was in a reflective mood while he sat in the mansion. He casted his mind back to his last visit to the Savage Land. Both him and @emmafrost_xxx had a blast. They were provided good hospitality by none other than Ka-Zar and his wife Shanna the She-Devil. No doubt Scott was planning another trip back there.

-The sun was already shining in as Scott realized he had overslept. This was in characteristic of him. His body was sore as he tried to remember what happened the night before. He then looked over to the other side of his bed, it was empty and the sheets were messy. Then came the familiar voice of @emmafrost_xxx "About time sleepyhead Summers. I had to cover a class for you. Please don't let it happen again." To which Scott replied "Ugh, last night was, all a blur. I'm trying to process it all, and I think I've got it." He turned, showing his firm chest and chiseled abs that would flow streams of river through them. He headed for the door, only to be stopped by Emma putting a hand on his shoulder as he was about to pass her. "Class is over remember?" She said. Scott stood still and smirked. ((Happy Smexy Wednesday.))

With the recent attacks and defeats against the phoenix, Scott grew tired and impatient. He wanted to rid himself and his X-men of this entity. He knew the implications and the consequences. He was willing to bear them should he need. He came up with a plan, to form a secret team within the of X-men. That day, X-force was born. They would do the deeds that were more questionable to public viewing. No one could know they existed. Not even the ones closest to him. He called then together for a secret meeting. ((Closed rp with @0fficial_wolverine @psylocke_xl_cl @rp_night_crawler ))

-Scott sits in his room. It is late and a lot has been going on lately. He reaches and grabs a book. It's his personal diary. He flips and he comes upon this-something he wished to say to his mother. It reads "That's why I am a leader. The blind leading the blind, maybe...but a leader nonetheless. A leader because I'm prepared to take the fall, and because I'm prepared to make the hard decisions. Such as the one you made, Mom, that day you pushed Alex and I out into the sky with a single parachute between us. Because a leader knows, it's not so hard to die for your people. It's hard to order your people to die for you. And leading with certainty into an uncertain future doesn't require sight. It requires vision. It requires holding on. And no matter what happens, never letting go." ((Open Rp to xl))

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