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melissa  ny native. liberal. supporter of equality. lover of theater, ballet, film and my pup diego. collector of blythe dolls & kooky toys. staunch.

Back in NY, Dunkirk tonight. Bummed I forgot about 70mm and decided to go on LI. It's IMAX but not 70mm IMAX. I'd have waited to go in the city if I'd remembered. Anyway, here's Annabelle -- snapped her on the way in -- this is a giant and v creepy display. Of course, I love it.

He's happy that my piles of crap are once again around for him to sleep on!

This seemed like a reasonable hat for blythe ...

From cute plates to cute cups!

I know you wanna see all the stuff I came home with! First up, cute plates! πŸ˜‚

Adios πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

This is just my shit. You'd think I was gone for a year

Went to a number of little antique places and none had any toys! 😩. And then it started raining. And also I had to use my handbag instead of my backpack Bc of the way I packed so I've been holding that giant thing in my arms for 4 hours and now I'm exhaaaaausted and need a nap. So I think it's ok that I get to ✈️ 🏠 to my πŸ› soon.

Did I take a wrong turn and wind up in Forks?!

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Last day!

I wanna find some vintage toys like an ebeneezer but I doubt I will!

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