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Laura Brouwers  I'm a girl who likes to draw from the Netherlands~ (Very short & great at crossing eyes) ✨ Twitter: @Cyarine Business inquiries; Hello@cyarin.com


Something small i drew yesterday on twitch~ thanks to everyone who came to hang out !! I'm a bit unsatisfied with my work lately so hopefully you guys like it anyway ✨ (the link to my twitch is still in my bio if you want to follow it for future streams)

Wow gay

😑 😑😑😑😑 cute cat girls ruin my life

Just some calming inking of a demon gf doodle on a saturday cause ya kno it's #inktober and im not even participating lol

Hay lin and Taranee are r a d. ✨ w.i.t.c.h was my main inspiration when I started drawing, for a while there was a lack of interest in drawing girls from my end because I didn't like female characters too much so over the last few years I invested most my energy in drawing cool gals, and now I'm giving myself childhood feels cause this heckin comic were literally the BEST girls i knew πŸ‘Œ I wanted to be them so bad omg
Happy I finally finished this yeee. Full versions on my facebook page and twitter (just search cyarin and I should pop up βœ¨πŸ‘‹)

Something really rough but inspired by @_picolo 's casual teen titans some hay lin and elyon cause witch was my shit and i loved them a lot πŸ˜©πŸ’•

Lil thing cause i was unproductive and it was getting to me 😭 also fall fashion makes me happy im so excited for cold weather hhhhh

Childhood πŸ‘€

Which outfit is your favorite? : D you can easily tell my favorite colors here lol
Im sick again after japan weekend so im trying to rest but its making me sad cause drawing is so frustrating and unproductivity is frustrating but self care is mighty important so im here to tell ya to do the same!!

Hoi allemaaaal ✨ I'll be attending dutch comic con / @dutchcomiccon winter edition next month in the Netherlands! After madrid this is going to be exciting!! They asked me to draw their mascot but as a non-creature artist and with my cutesy style, I tried to capture some of the disney essence in drawing this ✨it was a fun challenge! See you there hopefully!! πŸ‘€

So many gifts! So many people! @japanweekend and everyone thank you SO MUCH I had a big ol' cry cause man idek how to ever thank you all enough, your support changed my life!!! We have recorded some bits (thanks to @kaomoji who helped me a lot this weekend!) so I will make a youtube video about it as soon as we have time again!!)

Japan weekend was amazing! I can't wait to go back and draw again so I can show you more good stuff!! The amount of people was overwhelming, sorry for those I couldn't meet!!

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