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Laura Brouwers  I'm a girl from the Netherlands who likes to draw ~ (Very short & great at crossing eyes) ✨ Personal: @shortandnotginger Business;

A little (maybe familiar) work in progress snap for you guys ~ uploading a lengthy process video of this painting to my patreon later today! ✨ the link is in my bio if you want to be able to access it (:

A quick drawing of a patron and her cat! A while ago I asked patrons to start posting their selfies for some inspiration and for me to give something back! It also lowers my stress about having to worry about concepts, which I struggled with for a while 👀✨

Warm (up)

Currently exploring hamburg after attending @coaket2018 yesterday! It was a lovely experience with incredibly inspiring artists and kind people!! Thank you to everyone who came to say hi!! I put some pictures in my convention story highlights & some travel photos (especially of the botanical gardens we visited today) in the travel folder and on @shortandnotginger !! I wanted to doodle a bit after being too busy to draw for a long while to get the rustiness out, and also release some inspiration from the gorgeous plants!! Especially a big thank you to my Patrons for making it possible to relax in between traveling and work projects and allowing me to do some drawings for myself too 🌱☀️

Reworked an older sketch. It had maaany flaws so here go

Pls be a real pal cause i know this isn't the pretty grills you follow me for but I've been working my butt off working outside my comfort zone lol

G i r l s ✨

I'm very self indulgent bUT it's my birthday so here's four selfies on my main account lol

Suing who thought it'd be a smart idea to let me get my period and the associated insecurities with it today though lol

Redid this oldie goldie ✨ i love the double layered hair look but i don't think my red matches with any shade haha. What color combo's do you think would work?? I'm a huge fan of brown + blues hhhh

I thought a "golf" hoodie said "oof" and now i want it

Models pretending to take a selfie posing for an editorial fashion spread lol

New thing, a bit rough, but at least I'm back! Life's been kicking my butt so making new work has been tough, a new project is in the works though!

Progress steps + the psd file can be found on my patreon right now! The link is in my bio 💕

Be part of my patreon for prints, goodies, a great discord server, tips, insights and fund my pursuit of more art skills and more art!

Redone this for something 👁‍🗨 Do you sometimes prefer sketches over polished pieces as well?
I'm back in the Netherlands and will be at Attitudefest in Purmerend (near Amsterdam) this Saturday! Check out @attitudeholland for more details if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend ✖️

☁️ ‪(This will be debut as a print at mcm tomorrow, I'm at the creator scape all weekend, see you there! ✨)

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