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Laura Brouwers  Freelance artist from the Netherlands! (Very short, great at crossing eyes & loves fruit 🍉 ) Twitter: @Cyarine Business e-mail:

First sketch in the new sketchbook~ excited to hang out with my best friend tomorrow/this weekend aah. It's gonna be a full couple of days but the weather will be great so I'm ready to soak up some sun~ (and a couple of drinks.. and sushi burrito's) I hope you're all doing well! 💕

I love the colors of @emmablackery 's profile picture so much so I decided to make this lil thing tonight ✨

Excited for @attitudeholland 's attitude fest on saturday, it'll be so much fun to hang out with some of you guys in the super nice weather aah

Bit of cartoony stuff to warm up ~ she's angry

These videos aren't with bad intent, but they don't really seem to carry a message. While sometimes fun to watch, the videos don't explain any reasoning behind the words "do" and "don't", and often lack explanation even in the "do" part to show how you "should be" doing anything. This is a bit useless to begin with if you want to learn more about art, but the word choice is also kind of unnecessary. There are no do's and don't's in art, there's rules to realism, but realism doesn't equal art, and it's not for everyone. Even in stylized art some realism applies, some aesthetics apply, but if you really boil it down to why these "rules" are applied it's because so you can translate it to something other people can understand, like, or appreciate. In true art, this doesn't matter, what matters is what *you* want to do. If you want to make realistic paintings, do it, if you want to draw stick figures, go for it. Just don't limit yourself by comparing yourself to what others are doing or trying to fit to other people's expectations.

I appreciate you all a lot, I'd love to see who you appreciate, please tag your art friend's account so I can check out their work! ✨

Nicest drinks ~~ I'm so excited for attitude fest next week! The weather is gonna be lovely as far as they can predict now so drawing together and chatting about art is gonna be the best! I hope to see you guys there 💕 you can sign up on @attitudeholland 's website!

It's been a while since I painted this lady, quick one layer painting of my favorite disney princess ☀️after having a bit of a tangled karaoke night by myself oops 👀who's your fave! I think Tangled is severely underrated ; A;

Cafe doodling with @candyflosscreature in Eindhoven~ it's super hot today here! We hit 30 degrees celcius in the Netherlands ☀️ what's the weather like where you guys are? Has summer weather started for you? : D

Paint & brushes are nice for lines~ taking some time for some relaxed drawing ✨ what are your favorite lining tools?

I haven't been posting much lately to create some head space and relax a bit! Like I said two posts ago I was gonna take may off but work came in between so I'm really trying to stay well rested and mentally chill, not pressuring myself to keep up with the insane speed of social media and pressure to be better and better and better, because the voice in my head can be too harsh by itself haha.

Instagram has been such a ride! I can't believe how many amazing people I've met, how much my work has grown thanks to your encouragement, and how my life has changed because of it! I've been nominated for the "best social awards" here in the Netherlands to win "best instagrammer" which is so so cool! It was a total surprise and I'm super happy to be nominated for something like this, together with all of you, of course! ;v; thank you ahh im a happy bean (you can vote via the link in my bio if you want! ~)

I was gonna take May off to prepare to restart a bunch of things in june/july but a bunch of job things just came up so I'm warming up with some character designs!
Picking the winners of the @attitudeholland giveaway for the attitude fest; @aelmai and @donutmanon both win two tickets to go themselves and take a friend! See you at the event 💕 If you didn't win, you can still go to Attitude Fest to come hang out, draw and talk about art in Enschede; the Netherlands, near the German border! I hope to see you there ✨💕

New #CyOOTDS featuring all items from @attitudeholland ! Leggings, crop, jacket, shoes and the cutest bag are all urban classics! In love with a lot of their new stuff 👀
I took the picture on a very windy rooftop in Tokyo!
Big announcement; I'll be at @attitudeholland 's Attitude Fest to meet you guys, hang out, draw and offer some art/social media advice where I can! You can sign up for the event on their website (link in their bio) but I'm also giving away two free sets of two tickets (four total, so you can take a friend!) leave a comment saying you'd like to win and why and I'll pick two winners this week! The event will be tons of fun with lots of shopping, entertainment and free hair dye sessions aah, I'm so stoked! The event is in Enschede, the Netherlands but it's close to the German border for any German followers!

Happy #mermay ~ flying home tomorrow! Thank you so much @tokidokitraveller for letting me stay with you to visit Tokyo, it was a lovely experience! I hope to visit this country again in the future!! #mermay2017

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