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Laura Brouwers  Concept artist in mostly animation, games & toy design! (Very short & great at crossing eyes) ✨ Twitter: @Cyarine Business inquiries;

Teeny tiny video of me playing around with @fabercastellglobal watercolor pencils. Mostly posting to update you guys and thank you for 1,3m followers! ; sadly my tablet is still damaged and there's no news on when/how it'll be repaired/replaced, so I'm focusing my energy on other (very exciting!) bigger projects that require a lot of behind-the-scenes hidden activity from me. I can't wait to share everything with you, these are things I have never done before and I'm nervous! Feel free to follow me on twitter (link is in my bio) to stay updated a bit more, too!

I actually lined this but I like the expressiveness of the pencil sketch better. While my tablet is damaged I'm going to be doing some sketches, maybe not what you're used to; but I hope you like them regardless!

@deandobbs learned to not leave me alone with pigeons but i made a small friend with a broken wing

Missing london already! There's some pictures of it on my personal account here: @shortandnotginger

Doodled a lil bit at the #sitc2017 instagram stand cause they had a tripod n e a t

It was so good. I'm still processing. I met too many cool people and saw so many of you guys a a a

Aaaa I'm going to be in London at Summer in the City tomorrow! Make sure you come to the Instagram stand and say hi to me! I made an exclusive little thing for this cause instagram brought me along and am giving out little prints to as many people as possible 💕

If you'd like me to give you feedback on your art, create an Instagram Stories today (up till the event basically) with a screenshot of your work. Tag #CyarineFeedback so I can see it! I'll be leaving feedback in my Stories tomorrow as well as doing a Live Q&A from SITC at 1pm (uk time!)

Doodlin' . I'm tired. Can't type a description, please make something up for me

New sandals and scarf revived an old top and skirt into a fancy smancy new outfit for #cyOOTDs 💃✨I'm going to Summer in the City in London at the beginning of august! @instagram is taking me there and I'll be hanging out at their booth during the weekend ! I'm so excited ahh 😭

Another picture based sketch for this week ✨ keeping up the small drawings until I have the juice to create a big painting again 😌 I'm going to Phantasialand in Germany on monday to tuesday with my sister! I'm really excited about vacation and spending time with family and friends!

Little thought here; please don't get overwhelmed by all the art being posted online. You're not a lesser artist if you post less than others. Everyone feels this way sometimes, so you're not alone, but it's not something to beat yourself up over! Art is an outlet, enjoy! Your works are your unique mind and skill and are valuable for just that 💕

A small thing in between ✨ photo by @natalia_natchan
It's super warm here again ahhh. I long for cooler days where I can wear hoodies and layers, though I love the late sunsets!

Work in progress - finally drawing for myself again god I'm so busy!! Going out for pizza and some yum drinks today to cool down after a crazy week: I ate pineapple pizza, I am not ashamed.

THE COLLAB: you ask, we deliver :^^^) an outfit of the day where we drew each other!! @_picolo and I have been friends for years and we collaborated back in 2015 (it's cheesy, old and we changed a lot as artists over time) so we wanted to collaborate again for a long time, and since we finally met in real life because @fabercastellglobal / @faber_castell_br brought us (and a lot of other artists) to Germany to see the faber castell castle, meet the faber castell family, and see the production of the products, we did an Outfit of the day together!!! This trip has been surreal, it's so strange to see "internet people" in the flesh ???? I'm s h o o k

Thank you so much to the amazing people from faber castell (genuinly, we were hanging out outside of the tour as well, they're so lovely!!) , this is insane, and definitly an experience I will never forget ;____; #fabercastell

Smol train doodle of from Overwatch omw to Nürnberg! This high speed train is faaaast. I've been traveling for a while haha. You can keep updated on my story!! It's a super exciting business trip ✨
Where are you guys from? Anyone from Germany here? : D

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